Freestyle Complimentary Dining on NCL Epic


On all NCL ships, the focus is on Freestyle Cruising which means there is no set dining time each night, there’s no strict dress code, and you won’t be stuck seated with tablemates you can’t stand each night (unless they’re part of your family!). On the NCL Epic, the Freestyle way of life really works with all of the different dining options available. The Epic has 11 complimentary dining options as well as 7 specialty dining options, which have a [...]

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Why you would visit Disneyland if you’re a Walt Disney World fan


I know people who are die-hard Walt Disney World fans and can’t imagine scheduling a vacation to Disneyland. They’ve either never been to the original Disney theme park and feel like they must be loyal to Walt Disney World, they went as kids and feel like they’ve seen everything Disneyland has to offer, or they’ve heard that Disneyland is smaller than Walt Disney World and think they might be bored there. Well, I’m here to set the record straight! If [...]

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A Celebration of Harry Potter Packages


Now that you have decided to attend Universal’s annual Celebration of Harry Potter, it is time to decide which vacation package will give you the perfect dose of magic! Vacation packages for the 2018 Celebration of Harry Potter have not been released yet, BUT the following information will help you figure out if you “need” the premium package. (We all “need” the premium package right?) These packages SELL OUT very quickly, especially the Premium ones. The first difference between the [...]

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Art of Animation: The Little Mermaid Room


Deciding where to stay at the Walt Disney World can be an overwhelming and exciting choice. There are plenty of great options, but one of my all-time favorites is The Little Mermaid Room at Disney’s Art of Animation Resort. The Little Mermaid Room is perfect for all ages. The décor immerses you under the sea as soon as you walk in. There is a curtain that you can pull between the vanity and the beds so that your significant other [...]

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Yummy Alcoholic Drinks & Where to Find them


  Ever wonder where you can get the most delicious, alcoholic drinks while you’re on your Walt Disney World Vacation? And I’m not talking about just a beer, I’m talking about the really, special drinks! Well then look no further! Today I’m going to not only tell you the yummiest drinks Walt Disney World offers, but where you can find them. Let’s get started! The first drink that I am absolutely obsessed with, is the Magical Star Cocktail. This drink [...]

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A Great Low-Cost Disney Vacation Option


As a travel agent, I'm always looking for good deals for my clients. This is especially true for vacations to Walt Disney World in Florida. This destination is a magical trip for any family, but making these memories can sometimes be costly. I want to share some information about an often-overlooked ticket option at Disney World: The Park Hopper Plus (formerly known as the Water Park Fun & More option). This ticket can help give you a great Disney vacation [...]

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The New MagicBand 2 : Getting the Most Out of the Magic!


Disney recently released new MagicBands and there are a lot of changes! Magic Bands were Disney’s form of wearable technology: a small electronic device that is worn on the body and performs a data exchange with other devices. MagicBands opened up the world of keyless entry: no more fumbling for the Disney Room Card to open the door or the scrambling to find the Ticket to gain your fast pass! It could all be done with a swish of your [...]

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7 Ways To Cure Your Post Disney Blues


  You are having the most magical time at Walt Disney World. Then, you come back to your resort room that final night only to find your eviction notice, the dreaded “Tragical Express” papers, the sign that your vacation has come to an end. Now what? It has gone too fast and you are already beginning to miss the fun you had. Here are 7 ways to cure your post Disney blues. Book your next vacation! Disney usually offers a [...]

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