///Disney’s Castaway Cay Beach Cabanas– What’s Included?

Disney’s Castaway Cay Beach Cabanas– What’s Included?

Disney's Castaway Cay Cabanas~What's Included? courtney@travelwiththemagic.com

Located on both the family and adult only beaches Disney offers 25 private luxurious cabanas to rent for the day while at Castaway Cay. Not only are they a hideaway with their own private beaches they include many amenities as well. We had planned to spend our day in one, but the weather wasn’t cooperative. Once we arrived at the cabana check-in they offered us the choice for a full refund and we accepted since we felt we couldn’t fully utilize it, however I asked to grab photos and they happily obliged. Had the weather not been so rainy and windy I can fully see why these cabanas are so popular. The day before your Castaway Cay day an envelope will arrive with your cabana wristbands that must be worn to identify you. Remember these cabanas book very quickly and generally unless you are a Concierge or Platinum level guest you won’t be able to find them. Below is my list of all the details for what’s included and why there is value in them.

  1. Cabana – For the family beach there are 20 regular and one grand family cabanas. The regular ones range in price between $549-$599 plus tax based on the season and this includes amenities for up to 6 guests. You can have a maximum of 10 people, but each additional person is $50. The grand cabana is $899 plus tax for up to 10 guests and then the maximum allowed is 16 people with the additional guests $50 as well. The Serenity Bay Cabanas are $399 plus tax for up to 4 guests with a maximum of 10 guests and the same additional per person cost.
  1. Inside the cabana you will find cushioned seating, a stocked fridge with Coke products, bottled Evian water, wet washcloths and a fresh fruit plate. There is also a snack basket with chips and a selection of granola bars. No need to bring sunscreens, magazines, or sand toys, all of these are ready and waiting as well. Inside a small closet is also a coded safe for your valuables as well as plush beach towels for your use. You’ll also find a doorbell, this will ring your attendant who will gladly bring you additional water and soda as well as drinks from the bar.


Cabana Details

  1. Outside the cabana is a large hammock perfectly placed in the shade and ready for a nap as well as a fresh water shower to rinse off. There is also more seating and shade canopy as well.
  1. As you walk down the short path to the private beach area you’ll find floats and tubes as well as the low chairs for your use throughout the day.
  1. There are also private restrooms just for cabana guests on the family beach. Cabanas 1-8 are the closest to them and 9-21 are further away with 21 being the grand family cabana.   Ours would have been number 11 and I actually really liked the location because the further down the beach the more secluded it becomes. In front of the grand cabana is also a smaller tidal pool that is perfect for smaller kids. As you can see from the photos since it was such bad weather we literally had the place to ourselves which definitely wouldn’t normally be the case.
  1. Included in the cabana cost is also 1 hour of bike rentals as well as unlimited use of the snorkel equipment.
  1. They give you the perfect central location near all of the rentals as well as Cookies Too for lunch, but if you have had enough walking you do have access to a golf cart to take your family around the island.

Cabana details 2

While the initial cost of the cabana seems steep let me break down the cost of some of the things that are included. Both the bike rental and floats are $11 per person and snorkel equipment is $32 for ages 10 and up or $16 for ages 5-9. Based on a family of 6 with 2 adults and 4 kids ages 5-9 in just these rentals alone you are at $520 which is almost the entire cost of the cabana. Add in the bottled water and you are saving money. Also keep in mind since you can put up to 10 people in them you could always split a cabana with another family.

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  1. Kay November 28, 2018 at 11:53 am - Reply

    Hi there,
    I have already booked my cruise on Disney Fantasy for March 2-9.
    Can you please help me to find information on a cabana for my trip in the Serenity area and how I can possibly reserve one.
    Thank you so much for your help.

    • admin December 1, 2018 at 1:52 pm - Reply


      You can contact your Travel With The Magic Vacation planner and they can assist with you this.

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