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What’s Included on Disney’s Castaway Cay


Castaway Cay is Disney’s private island in the Bahamas. Most of their cruises make a stop here, and it truly is a paradise. When most people think of getting off in port, they think of a lot of expenses like taxis, food, towels, beaches, etc. I wanted to clear up some of the confusion and tell you what is included with the price of your cruise on Castaway Cay. 1.) Food: When you spend the day on the island, you [...]

What’s Included on Disney’s Castaway Cay2018-03-01T14:34:48-04:00

The Atlantis-Paradise Island, Bahamas


Recently, I had the opportunity to visit Paradise. Well, Paradise Island in the Bahamas, but it’s pretty close to Paradise! You’ve seen this hotel in movies and on commercials. It’s made to look like as though it rose from the ocean. It’s a very large resort with beautiful architecture. There is some of the bluest water in the world in the Bahamas. One of my friends even called it “Aqua Marine” and I believe she is right! There are also [...]

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