2017 April, 20

Why you would visit Disneyland if you’re a Walt Disney World fan

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I know people who are die-hard Walt Disney World fans and can’t imagine scheduling a vacation to Disneyland. They’ve either never been to the original Disney theme park and feel like they must be loyal to Walt Disney World, they went as kids and feel like they’ve seen everything Disneyland has to offer, or they’ve heard that Disneyland is smaller than Walt Disney World and think they might be bored there. Well, I’m here to set the record straight! If you’re a loyal Walt Disney World fan, you’re going to love Disneyland because it’s the original, classic theme park that [...]

2014 December, 3

Cafe Orleans at Disneyland Park

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Located in the heart of New Orleans Square, Cafe Orleans serves up delicious creole-cajun cuisine with a charming atmosphere. Home to the famous Monte Cristo sandwich, this picturesque restaurant offers scrumptious entrees and beautiful vistas. Cafe Orleans is a great alternative to the Blue Bayou. It is easier to get a reservation and comes at a cheaper price. While Cafe Orleans doesn’t offer views of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, guests can view a much larger ship – the Sailing Ship Colombia! Princess Tiana also makes appearances in New Orleans, so you may catch a glimpse of her walking by [...]

2014 June, 26

Death Match 2014 – Day 11 trip report

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Disneyland Park Well, my little one has been fighting some sort of illness for a few days now, and we had a bad night. So my older guys went with Gina and her crew to enjoy Disneyland Park at opening time, to knock out lots of rides as quickly as possible, and Amber & I joined them later in the morning. I'm a big proponent of arriving early at any of the Disney parks whenever possible. If you can get there when the park opens, you'll be able to see and do so many things in the first two hours! [...]

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