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The France Pavilion at Epcot


Bonjour! Welcome to France…Disney style. Tucked away in the southern corner of World Showcase at Disney’s Epcot is the France Pavilion. Come and stroll the cobblestone streets and enjoy the wine and music and you’ll feel you’ve been transported to the streets of Paris in the spring time. France is located right across the footbridge from the UK. This is where Disney’s version of the English Channel meets Disney’s version of the River Seine. The footbridge is actually inspired by [...]

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Infant Packing Tips


Now that you have made the awesome decision to take your little ones to Disney, we should talk about getting ready for your adventure. One of the biggest concerns parents have when traveling is, “How am I going to take ALL the stuff my baby needs on vacation?” Let’s face it, babies require lots of stuff. Here are some infant packing tips to help you get ready for your next Disney trip. 1. Have a vacation drop zone. I know [...]

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