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Things to remember for your next trip!


Looking for tips and strategies to make your trip smoother? Here are some ideas to help you out! · Walt Disney World offers 20 various resorts to choose from. One feature that you may want to consider when selecting a resort is a zero-entry pool. For those who aren't familiar with the term, a zero-entry pool provides a beach-like entry that gently and gradually slopes into the water, becoming deeper with each step. These pools provide easy access for children, [...]

Things to remember for your next trip!2015-03-30T10:13:21-04:00

Lessons Learned: 6 quick packing tips for a Disney Cruise


So you have decided on a Disney Cruise Line vacation? Congrats! You are in for the vacation of a lifetime! A Disney Cruise is my all-time favorite vacation. It is the ultimate in relaxation; You get to totally unwind, unplug, and throw your cares away. However, if you are like me, packing is stressful enough to cause me to really need the vacation more than ever. So, I thought I would share some recent lessons learned from (over-)packing for my [...]

Lessons Learned: 6 quick packing tips for a Disney Cruise2020-05-13T15:22:16-04:00