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Some must Do’s when visiting Universal Studios Hollywood


The first thing you must do when you arrive to Universal Studios Hollywood is to walk the red carpet you not only get to feel like a movie star, but can also be a great photo opportunity to capture this one in a lifetime moment. Then head over to the lower lot area where they have the most popular rides such as Transformers where you will experience 3D special effects along with physical moving effects, the infamous Mummy riding which [...]

Some must Do’s when visiting Universal Studios Hollywood2015-04-28T17:04:09-04:00

Magical Memories; Digging up Bones


Back in the side corner of Disney’s Animal Kingdom, there lays a little world that takes you back in time to the days of the dinosaurs – DINOLAND USA! As you enter Dinoland, you will walk under the bridge of a huge brontosaurus skeleton. Once you’ve gone under this beast, you will see the entrance to the Boneyard on your left – you are going to want to turn here and hang out for a while. The Boneyard is an [...]

Magical Memories; Digging up Bones2013-09-30T20:57:20-04:00