2010 August, 18

Day 30 #31DBBB: 17 Statistics To Monitor On Your Blog

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1) Did you track your statistics this month? What did you see? I was using a chart from the forums and I have been filling it out every week and posting on that thread about tracking your stats. It has been VERY helpful to see what people come to look at and how long they stay. 2) Which statistics do you feel tell you the most about your blog or readers? The number of repeaters.

2010 August, 18

Day 29 #31DBBB Develop a Plan to Boost Your Blog’s Profile and Readership Online

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1.) How does the way you build your blog's profile change after reading this task? Well I think for me I need to schedule when I am going to do it and make a list of things to write about. Then I actually have to do it which is the challenge for me. 2.) Give us an example from your strategy! For one site: how much time will you spend there? What are you going to do? When's the site most active? I think that I will spend time on Twitter posting about my blog but I will also continue [...]

2010 August, 18

Day 28 #31DBBB: Write a Review Post

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1) Have you written a review post in the past and if so how was it received? I have not ever written a review post at all. 2) For this challenge, what kinds of things could you see yourself reviewing? If I was going to I would like to write reviews about Resorts and Restaurants. I would love tell people what I think about certain resorts and why I love them and why I don't.

2010 July, 26

Day 7 #31DBBB Write a link post

2023-10-23T16:16:48-04:00July 26, 2010|Disney Blogs|2 Comments

Good Evening So today the challenge was to write a link post. I read several really great blogs today you read them all here. But here a couple I really liked. http://patrice0x0x.blogspot.com/ Her section called Attitude of Gratitude is VERY COOL! This blog had me laughing my you know what off and the baby is ADORABLE!! http://1000reasonsimabadmom.com/ There are so many Disney blogs, websites and message boards out there right now if you are looking for information about planning a Disney vacation or just like reading about Disney it can be overwhelming. Here are some of my favorites that I [...]

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