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Shadow Silhouettes


When someone mentions “Disneyland” or “Walt Disney World,” what’s the first thing that pops into your head? The price? Mickey Mouse? The castle? For me, it’s 2 things... churros and Mickey Mouse ears. Random, I know, but is there anything cuter than a little kid eating a churro while wearing their Mickey Mouse ears? The first time I went to Disney was as an adult, and let me tell you, my head is too big for their cute ear headbands [...]

Shadow Silhouettes2019-08-19T19:08:59-04:00

7 Ways To Cure Your Post Disney Blues


  You are having the most magical time at Walt Disney World. Then, you come back to your resort room that final night only to find your eviction notice, the dreaded “Tragical Express” papers, the sign that your vacation has come to an end. Now what? It has gone too fast and you are already beginning to miss the fun you had. Here are 7 ways to cure your post Disney blues. Book your next vacation! Disney usually offers a [...]

7 Ways To Cure Your Post Disney Blues2017-03-23T01:53:02-04:00

Reasons to Love Port Orleans French Quarter


At Walt Disney World you can choose from 5 moderate resorts when choosing on-property accommodations: Caribbean Beach, Coronado Springs, The Cabins at Fort Wilderness, Port Orleans – Riverside, and Port Orleans - French Quarter. Each of these resorts has unique theming and offer a different experience. I’ve had the privilege of staying at 3 of the 5 moderate resorts. Let me share with you the reasons you will love staying at Port Orleans - French Quarter.   Size - It’s [...]

Reasons to Love Port Orleans French Quarter2016-12-27T11:04:23-05:00

Saratoga Springs with Kids


Saratoga Springs often gets overlooked as a great resort to stay in because it is a couple minutes farther from the parks. In my opinion, there are more pros than cons and what is five more minutes of a drive or bus ride? Here are some reasons why Saratoga Springs is a great place to stay with kids   1.) Pools: There are several pools at Saratoga Springs, but our favorite was the pool in the Paddock section. There is [...]

Saratoga Springs with Kids2019-12-19T12:49:06-05:00

Disney Resorts: Old Key West vs. Saratoga Springs


Disney’s Old Key West and Saratoga Springs Resorts There are 2 Resorts at Walt Disney World that often have last minute availability AND are cheaper per night than most other Deluxe Resorts. I get a lot of questions about these properties so here are some basic pros and cons about each. The bottom line: These are great options for large families, last minute travelers, and/or those wishing for a slower, relaxing Disney Vacation. Old Key West is the very first [...]

Disney Resorts: Old Key West vs. Saratoga Springs2020-05-13T15:22:36-04:00

5 Tips for Arrival Day at Walt Disney World


For most travelers, your arrival time to Walt Disney World will not be first thing in the morning. Depending on where you are traveling from, you may arrive around lunch, or sometimes in the afternoon. I know you may be ready to start your vacation and ride some rides, but hang tight! If you are traveling with kids who have had to sit still for hours, the last thing they will want to do is stand in long afternoon lines [...]

5 Tips for Arrival Day at Walt Disney World2016-08-25T14:29:36-04:00

The Best Restaurants You Don’t Need a Reservation For


  It’s a known fact that to get the first pick of reservation times at Disney restaurants, you have to book them six months in advance. But sometimes, we don’t always have the luxury of knowing when we are going to be on vacation, which often leads to a lack of availability at table service restaurants the closer it gets to your vacation dates! Quick service restaurants to the rescue! Not all theme park food consists of boring burgers, hot [...]

The Best Restaurants You Don’t Need a Reservation For2019-05-29T14:02:02-04:00

Disney Traditions


  Disney World is a vacation that has something for everyone to enjoy and fall in love with. Once you are there, you will soon find favorite activities, rides and meals, creating your Disney Traditions! Here are 10 suggested Disney Traditions that my family enjoys each visit! #1 Magic Kingdom on Your First and Last Park   Days I recommend beginning and ending your vacation with high excitement. This is personal to each family. Take into consideration what you enjoy most [...]

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Disney World Without Park Tickets


So you are at Disney World and don't have a park ticket. Say what? Why would this ever happen? Well, maybe you decided four days in the parks was just enough for your family or maybe you thought a break in the middle of your family vacation was a great idea. You are up and around now what to do? This list of course is not exhaustive of EVERYTHING there is to do at Disney without park tickets, BUT these [...]

Disney World Without Park Tickets2016-01-25T13:31:37-05:00

My New Year’s Walt Disney World Resolutions!


2016 brings exciting things to Walt Disney World, and I have resolved to experience these 5 things this year! Frozen Ever After in Norway I am excited that Norway will be getting the long awaited new ride this Spring: Frozen Ever After! This ride will take you through Arendelle as Elsa turns Summer into Winter and will be a delight for the entire family! The Norway pavilion will be receiving some new features, too, so I will be planning my [...]

My New Year’s Walt Disney World Resolutions!2016-01-03T23:58:18-05:00

Night of Joy


Great fun, great adventures, and great deals! Night of Joy is one of my family’s favorite special events at Walt Disney World. But what is Night of Joy you may ask?! Night of Joy is a two night event where Disney hosts multiple Christian music artist through-out Magic Kingdom on a Friday and Saturday night in September. So just imagine multiple concerts of your favorite artist going on around you in the most magical place on earth, with your favorite [...]

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