2015 July, 17

7 Tips for a rainy day at Walt Disney World

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Florida weather can be quite the fickle thing – one minute there could be a cloudless sky, the next minute there’s a torrential downpour! As we all know, weather forecasts don’t stop just for a family vacation, so here are a few essential tips to touring a Disney park when the weatherman is calling for rain! - A no brainer but sometimes a rather forgettable item when packing is a poncho! Purchase ponchos prior to traveling (or bring rain jackets!) just in case the weather is supposed to be rainy. You never know when you’ll need it and 9 times [...]

2015 June, 22

Disney Pin Trading 101

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Pin trading! What the heck is pin trading? I get this question a TON from my Disney first timers. This blog will give you the run down on pin trading and how to start your pin trading experience at Disney World. DEFINITION: pin trading (verb) 1. to trade Disney themed “pins” with Disney cast members Before you start trading, one must purchase a lanyard and pins. Disney makes this very easy for you by selling pin trading “starter sets” at most stores in Disney World and Downtown Disney. You can even find starter sets at select Disney Stores and DisneyStore.com. [...]

2015 January, 26

Outside of the Walt Disney World Theme Parks

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One of the great things about staying at the Walt Disney World Resort is you are in the middle of the magic. While we all love the theme parks did you know there’s plenty to keep you busy outside of the parks as well? Rent a boat! Many of the Disney resorts offer a marina with boat rentals. Take some time to explore one of the many waterways at Walt Disney World. Experienced boater or not, there’s something for everyone to enjoy with Disney’s fleet of boats. From arm powered, leg powered, wind powered to motorized ~ Disney has a [...]

2015 January, 2

How to Souvenir Shop at Disney World

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  How unfair is it that while on vacation you have to shop for presents for other people? Fret not at Disney World, because they took out all of the stress for you! Here is your guide on how to efficiently and smartly pick out the perfect present for everyone back home (and maybe something or two for yourself!) The days of lugging your bags of goodies around the parks are officially over. Here are your options for hassle-free shopping: 1. Pickup Packages at the Park Entrance  Staying at a non-Disney hotel? When you purchase your goodies, tell the cashier [...]

2014 December, 10

Updated Walt Disney World Refurbishment Schedule

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Updated Walt Disney World Refurbishment Schedule as of December 9, 2014 Magic Kingdom® Park Haunted MansionSplash MountainCinderella's Royal TableLiberty Square RiverboatUnder the Sea ~ Journey of the Little MermaidHarmony Barber Shop "it's a small world" Dec. 1 - 19, 2014Jan. 5 - 31, 2015Jan. 5 - Mar. 6, 2015Jan. 23 - 27, 2015Feb. 2 - Mar. 6, 2015Feb. 2 - Mar. 30, 2015 Mar. 10 - 13, 2015 Epcot None Disney's Hollywood Studios None Disney's Animal Kingdom® Theme Park Kali River Rapids Flame Tree BBQ Creature Comforts Jan. 20 - Feb. 2, 2015 Jan. 5 - Mar. 31, 2015 Jan. 5 [...]

2014 October, 31

Disney World travel tips for the parks

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Looking for tips and strategies to make your trip smoother? Here are some ideas to help you out! · If you are traveling on a cruise with a medical condition, I do recommend getting passports. If you were to have a medical emergency at sea, there is a fully functioning hospital on deck 1 of every Disney cruise ship. If you have to be airlifted for additional medical attention, you will be taken to the closest hospital and that could be somewhere in the Bahamas, Mexico, etc. At that point, you have to have a passport to fly back into [...]

2014 September, 15

8 Tips for Night Owls at Disney World

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Are you a self confessed night owl and wondering if you will be able to feed your late night tendencies while on your magical Disney vacation? Check out this list for ideas! 1. Probably one of the more obvious things to do at Disney at night is to check out the parks. Take note of the late extra magic hours for your trip. The parks at night are beautifully lit often accentuating their mystery and romance. 2. Shop until you drop! Don’t be in a hurry to leave the parks and deal with the mad dash to Disney transportation at [...]

2014 August, 20

Disneyland Hotel

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The Disneyland Hotel is the classic hotel of the Disneyland Resort. It was originally opened as a motor inn and was the first to operate under the Disney name. The main lobby is filled with Disney nostalgia including Alice in Wonderland, Dumbo, and it’s a small world. The hotel has 990 rooms divided into 3 Towers - Adventure, Fantasy and Frontier. The “lobby” in each tower includes nods to attractions in that land at the Disneyland park. The hotel has standard rooms and suites ranging from 740 to 3400 square feet. Some of these amazing suites include the Pirates of [...]

2014 April, 15

OLIVIA’S: A Relaxing, Hidden Gem at Disney’s Old Key West

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On my last trip to Walt Disney World, I discovered a hidden gem of a restaurant that I want to share with you. But, please don’t tell TOO many people….this is like one of those local places you love that you want to keep small and not too crowded! A few months ago we drove down to Walt Disney World for a quick trip and stayed at Old Key West, which is Disney’s first Vacation Club resort. Anyone can stay at a Vacation Club property so we tried one out for the first time. It was perfect for a quick [...]

2014 March, 7

YAY for Downtown Disney

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People often ask me, “Downtown Disney, YAY or NAY?” Let me take a moment to explain why Downtown Disney is definitely a YAY for your Disney Trip. 1. No admission fee! No tickets are needed to enter and explore the marketplace. Downtown Disney is always the first excursion we take during our Disney trips because the low-key atmosphere is perfect after a long day of traveling. 2. Parking is FREE! Not driving? No worries. Downtown Disney is a stop of the Disney Transportation system. 3. Food! Downtown Disney offers yummy dining options that are even covered on Disney dining plans. [...]

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