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International Travel with Tiny Humans – Tips and Tricks


                  Does the mere title of this blog make you break out in hives? Is your eye twitching yet? The thought of traveling long distances with younger kids can be intimidating. I’ve lost count of how many people looked at me like I was absolutely insane when I told them we were taking our 14-month-old on an international flight for summer vacation. It’s hard work; there’s no sugar coating that. My husband [...]

International Travel with Tiny Humans – Tips and Tricks2019-08-21T16:30:06-04:00

Planning a Practically Perfect Girls Getaway on Disney Cruise Line


Disney isn’t just for families!!! I’ve often stated that our Disney Cruise Line vacations have been the best vacations we’ve ever done together.  I could have never imagined that they would also be the most amazing Girl’s Trip for our annual Travel With The Magic getaway.  Over Martin Luther King Jr. weekend, fourteen of our agents gathered on the Disney Dream for a weekend of training, relaxing, and getting to know each other on a more personal level.  When you [...]

Planning a Practically Perfect Girls Getaway on Disney Cruise Line2019-08-06T14:37:29-04:00

Toothsome Chocolate Emporium & Savory Feast Kitchen


  Universal’s CityWalk is full of live entertainment, shopping, dining and more! Located just outside of the Universal Orlando theme parks, you do not need park admission to take advantage of exploring the CityWalk area. Perfect for enjoying a day away from the parks, grabbing a bite to eat during a break from the parks, or enjoying some after hours entertainment while staying on property or in the Orlando area. While there are so many great places, you can’t help [...]

Toothsome Chocolate Emporium & Savory Feast Kitchen2020-05-01T15:18:55-04:00

Reason Why You Should Take a Cruise?


  There are so many reasons why to choose a cruise for your next vacation!   One of the top reasons to take a cruise is the incredible value they offer to your vacation since the initial cost of your cruise includes almost everything you will need from mouth-watering dining, accommodations, entertainment, and not to mention the opportunity to explore unknown places. Most cruises run for $100 per person or less per day, which is much cheaper than if you were [...]

Reason Why You Should Take a Cruise?2017-05-01T08:47:09-04:00

5 Reasons to Cruise with Norwegian Cruise Line


Norwegian Cruise Line is an incredible cruise line and strives to have you cruise again and again with them. They are not only renovating all their fleets, they have gone above and beyond on every aspect of their cruises from expanding their cruise destinations and port stops to bringing the absolute finest features and details to every aspect of every cruise. They want their cruise line to be the best and they sincerely want their clients to come back and [...]

5 Reasons to Cruise with Norwegian Cruise Line2016-06-28T12:45:34-04:00

Royal Rooms of Disney’s Port Orleans Riverside


Trying to decide on the perfect resort for your Disney vacation can be a little overwhelming with over 25 properties from which to choose. However, if you are trying to please a princess, no matter what age, then look no further than Disney’s Port Orleans Riverside’s Royal Rooms. The resort and makes you feel as if you have been transported to the rural Louisana bayou with massive oak trees, hanging moss and Southern style column lined plantation mansions. The Royal [...]

Royal Rooms of Disney’s Port Orleans Riverside2015-04-28T17:08:46-04:00