2022 September, 1

Missing School for Vacation: Yay or Nay?

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There is always a lot of excitement about having kids start another school year: new lunchboxes and meet the teacher, full days where kids are busy and engaged and soaking up knowledge. It’s exciting for me as a parent; until I start to look at the school calendar and realize that suddenly we are limited on when we can vacation and millions of other families are too. So do you pull your children out of school to travel or stick to the school holidays? Here are a few things to consider: School Attendance Policies First and foremost, check into your [...]

2022 July, 26

Planning the Perfect SUMMER Vacation

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Summer visits to Disney are a different animal. Why? Mostly because it’s HOT! That being said, keep in mind the following components to the perfect SUMMER vacation to a Disney theme park… Resort. You are going to want to pick a resort with a great pool, preferably one with a slide. My kids love a good slide, which means while they are climbing the stairs, I’m lounging in the shade! Tickets. If you are going to Disney during the summer, consider adding the water park option to your park tickets! Do consider it. Don’t think about it, just take the plunge. See [...]

2021 September, 21

15 NEW Disney Cruise Line Protocols

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  Is your family going on a Disney Cruise soon? Read for the latest Disney Cruise Line protocols that you need to be aware of! First and probably the most important change? The introduction of the Safe Passage website. It is very important that the steps outlined on Safe Passage are followed correctly, otherwise, you may NOT be permitted to board! Virtual Muster Drill - Yay! Amazing. We hope this change stays for good! Elevator restrictions to one family or two individuals. 10-minute pool time limits. The virtual queue for embarkation to Castaway. Characters are available but are roped off [...]

2017 October, 12

Riding in Style – Disney’s Minnie Vans

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This past summer, the Minnie Vans were introduced as a new transportation option at the Walt Disney World Resort! These cute vans were added as a part of the Lyft app, and will take you anywhere you want to go on Disney property. As of October 2017, they are fully operational from all deluxe resorts on Disney property. On my last vacation to Disney World, I had the opportunity to try this service out a couple of times and I can assure you – not only was it fun, but it was SO convenient! After a night at the Boardwalk [...]

2017 May, 30

Reason Why You Should Take a Cruise?

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  There are so many reasons why to choose a cruise for your next vacation!   One of the top reasons to take a cruise is the incredible value they offer to your vacation since the initial cost of your cruise includes almost everything you will need from mouth-watering dining, accommodations, entertainment, and not to mention the opportunity to explore unknown places. Most cruises run for $100 per person or less per day, which is much cheaper than if you were to plan a vacation on land you would have to rent a hotel room, pay for daily meals, and entertainment.   [...]

2017 April, 6

A Great Low-Cost Disney Vacation Option

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As a travel agent, I'm always looking for good deals for my clients. This is especially true for vacations to Walt Disney World in Florida. This destination is a magical trip for any family, but making these memories can sometimes be costly. I want to share some information about an often-overlooked ticket option at Disney World: The Park Hopper Plus (formerly known as the Water Park Fun & More option). This ticket can help give you a great Disney vacation at a lower cost! If you have older kids who can go from opening to closing time, and enjoy water [...]

2016 February, 24

Universal’s Cabana Bay Beach Resort

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From the moment you arrive at this resort, you'll love it and all its retro-themed charm! When you walk into the lobby, you'll be transported to 1950's America. You'll love the open spaces, bright colors, and clean lines here. And the experience is completely immersive -- the theme continues throughout the resort, including the Starbucks Cafe The enormous Jack LaLanne Fitness Studio The Galaxy Bowl bowling alley, with snack food and a full-service bar and the Quick-Service restaurant, Bayliner Diner, featuring a large seating area with a Drive-In Movie feel! And it doesn't stop there. The guest rooms maintain that [...]

2016 January, 29

Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water Park

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You probably know that there are four theme parks at Walt Disney World in Florida: Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney's Animal Kingdom, and Disney's Hollywood Studios. But did you know that Disney also has two water parks? Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach are part of Walt Disney World's property, and you can add water park access right onto your theme park tickets! A water park is a great way to cool off with your family during those hot Florida summers. I visited Blizzard Beach with my family during the month of September. It was still very warm and steamy outside, and [...]

2016 January, 20

Clarion Hotel Not Your Average Good Neighbor Hotel

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  Clarion Hotel is not your average Good Neighbor Hotel for so many reasons! From the moment you walk through the hotel lobby doors you are greeted and treated as if you are family! The staff at Clarion Hotel prides themselves in getting you checked-in and into your room as quickly as possible. They want your vacation to begin the minute you step inside their hotel and they want you to see why their hotel is one of the best for value and location! Not to mention it is the perfect off-site hotel if you are traveling to the world’s [...]

2015 October, 29

5 Disney Restaurants that are worth the hype

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When reservations at select Disney restaurants are hard to get, you have to wonder “but is it really worth it?” Here’s my list of what I think it worth the hype at Walt Disney World!   1. Be Our Guest – Magic Kingdom – To me, this is the epitome of Disney magic. When you step into the main ballroom, you feel as if you have been placed directly in a scene from Beauty and the Beast. Not to mention, the food is fantastic! If dining at dinner time, you will have an opportunity to meet The Beast! Please note [...]

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