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It’s More Than Just Butterbeer!


Of course, I love Butterbeer ! And it’s one of the most recognizable attractions of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter! However, there are so many more treats that you can find on the cobblestoned streets of Hogsmeade or Diagon Alley! Candy! Whether it was on the Hogwarts Express or a trip into Diagon Alley, the students at Hogwarts loved to purchase candy! And you can too! There are well over 50 different candies, cakes and fudges within the Wizarding [...]

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A Celebration of Harry Potter Packages


Now that you have decided to attend Universal’s annual Celebration of Harry Potter, it is time to decide which vacation package will give you the perfect dose of magic! Vacation packages for the 2018 Celebration of Harry Potter have not been released yet, BUT the following information will help you figure out if you “need” the premium package. (We all “need” the premium package right?) These packages SELL OUT very quickly, especially the Premium ones. The first difference between the [...]

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A Celebration of Harry Potter – Universal Studios Orlando


A Celebration of Harry Potter – Universal Studios Orlando Potterheads unite! For the past 4 years, at the end of January/early February, Universal Studios Orlando has held A Celebration of Harry Potter. This special event brings together Harry Potter fans with the actors and artists who helped bring J.K. Rowling's magical world to the big screen. During this three-day event, not only do you have the opportunity to enjoy the everyday amazingness of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, BUT [...]

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The Magic of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando Resort


  Every time I mention Universal Orlando to a friend or a client, the first thing they say is, “I really want to see the Harry Potter attractions!” As a very Muggle-like Muggle, I had never read any of the Harry Potter books or seen any of the movies until recently. When I found out that I would have the opportunity to go to Universal Orlando for a tour just for travel agents, I decided that I had better read [...]

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A Taste Test for the Wizard at Heart


Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans are one of the most popular treats in the wizarding world and Universal’s Wizarding World of Harry Potter! These are very similar to Muggle Jelly Beans, except they have been created in every flavor imaginable: some you want to taste and some you do not! If you ever wonder what that magical box held inside, but were afraid to open it, well, my family has taken then mystery and the misery out of the beans [...]

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