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Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar


One of my favorite places in Disney Springs to Explore is Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar! It’s inspired by Jock Lindsey, the seaplane pilot, that helped Indiana Jones escape the jungle in “Raiders of the Lost Ark!” We only saw Jock for a brief few minutes in the movie, but thanks to Disney’s Imagineers, we can relive his experiences and adventures through his bar! The Restaurant and Bar is a replica of a 1940s float plane hanger that is full of [...]

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Hidden Extras at Disneyland Park


The Disney resorts are renowned for their attention to detail and ability to incorporate magic into every nook and cranny imaginable. Disney has added interactive queues to keep guests entertained on some rides in Disney World, but there are some secret extras in Disneyland that only the adventures know about. Check out the bonuses in the Disneyland Park just waiting to be explored! Here’s an easy one: touch the golden apple near the entrance to Snow White’s Scary Adventures to [...]

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FastPass at Disneyland/California Adventure Will Help You Go Fast!


Most of you know that I love Disneyland. I don’t want Walt Disney World to feel slighted by me, but I love Disneyland just a little more. One of the reasons I feel this way is because of the FastPass system at Disneyland. There are pros and cons to the FastPass systems at both parks, but the system at Walt Disney World is a bit more complicated. At Walt Disney World, you definitely need the help of a travel agent [...]

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