2016 February, 3

Parades at Disneyland

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There’s an old song from the 1930’s called, “I Love a Parade”. It talks about the marching feet and the beat of the drum and how much the writer loves just being there for the parade. Well, that pretty much sums up how I feel about the parades at the Disneyland Resort, both at Disneyland and California Adventure! Right now, there are three parades going on at the Disneyland Resort. Mickey’s Soundsational Parade- Usually, this parade is the afternoon parade in the Disneyland Park. Kicking off around 3pm, this parade is a must for music lovers, especially lovers of Classic [...]

2014 November, 26

The Best Snacks at Disneyland Park

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There is no denying that the food at Disneyland is delicious. Options range from pizza to Monte Cristo sandwiches with almost everything in between! However, there are some times when you don’t want to waste valuable park time sitting down for a full meal. Here is a list of the best snack foods at Disneyland Park to fill you up and fulfill your cravings. 1. Churros If you need a sugar burst or just to satisfy your sweet tooth, pick up a churro at one of the many stands around the park. Portable, light, and delicious churros will give you [...]

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