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2020 Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween party dates


The dates for the 2020 Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party have been announced. This is a special ticketed event at Disney's Magic Kingdom Park. In the past some of the parties have sold out so keep that in mind when making your decisions. Guests of all ages are encouraged to dress up in their favorite Halloween costumes. Even better, you can collect delicious candy as you trick-or-treat around Magic Kingdom theme park. In addition to many favorite Disney attractions, Mickey's [...]

2020 Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween party dates2020-02-25T18:01:54-05:00

Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party – Attending When You’re a Person Who Doesn’t Love Halloween!


I’ve never really loved Halloween.  Sure, when I was a kid, I went door to door in my suburban neighborhood trick or treating for candy and loved it.  I always struggled with creating a costume because I’m just not that creative.  My mom is so she helped a lot.  Fast forward to when my own kids were in elementary school – yes, I dressed them up as well and we went on a hunt for the best candy.  But, it [...]

Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party – Attending When You’re a Person Who Doesn’t Love Halloween!2019-11-01T15:53:28-04:00

Toy Story at the Disney Parks


A friend of mine recently asked me if there were any Toy Story characters or rides at Disney. Her son is a big fan of all three movies, as well as the short films, and she was hoping there would be something Toy Story themed that she could share with him on their upcoming trip... Well, friend, you're in luck! Here are the top ways to enjoy Toy Story at Disney's Parks: At Walt Disney World, there are several places [...]

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A Few Tips and Tricks for Tackling Walt Disney World


As a vacation planner it’s my job to do everything I can to make sure your trip to Walt Disney World is everything you hoped it would be. While some things I can’t control, like weather and crowds, there are some tips and tricks that will help to make every vacation more enjoyable. I’ve visited Walt Disney World over 20 times so chances are I’ve been there done that with just about everything. When you book your trip with me [...]

A Few Tips and Tricks for Tackling Walt Disney World2014-07-29T18:24:56-04:00

Harmony Barber Shop


When I talk about having my kids’ hair cut at Disney people always give me these puzzled looks, but yes it’s true Disney has their very own barber shop in Magic Kingdom! The Harmony Barber Shop is a full service salon with licensed cosmetologists and is a hidden gem that most visitors walk right by each day and is one of the most unique happenings the Magic Kingdom offers. While this Barber Shop services customers of all ages, its specialty [...]

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