2015 September, 9

Top Activities For Boys At Disney World

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Sometimes it seems that we see a lot of the Princess experiences that are available for little girls at Walt Disney World, and I hear from parents wondering if there will be anything for their boys to do... Oh yes, there's a TON of fun for little boys! Here are my top picks for boys to enjoy: At Magic Kingdom - Shoot Emperor Zurg at Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin Explore Tom Sawyer Island - you'll find caves, suspension bridges, and even an old fortress! Ride the Three Mountains: Space, Splash, and Big Thunder Play an interactive game: A Pirate's [...]

2014 October, 22

Top Attractions for Toddlers in Animal Kingdom

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Covering more than 500 acres with 250 different species and 1,700 animals, Disney’s Animal Kingdom is by size the largest park of the four that make up Disney World. Although it doesn’t have as many attractions as the other parks it more than makes up it for with animals. While it does have a few rides with height restrictions, many of the attractions here have none making it the perfect park for toddlers and it’s a bonus to me that this park very hands on and educational. As you read through the list I have compiled I hope you will [...]

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