2010 August, 10

Day 20 #31DBBB Leave Comments on Other Blogs

2010-08-10T06:58:23-04:00August 10, 2010|Mom Businesses|0 Comments

Do you normally spend at least 15 minutes a day commenting on other blogs? Why or why not? I do leave comments sometimes but not as much as I probably should. What are some reasons you DON'T comment on an entry you otherwise would have? (For example, a registration process deters me from commenting.) Sometimes blogs want to much info and I don't want to fill it all out. Sometimes I do not have time and sometimes I will enter everything and then that Captcha thing messes it all up and then I give up.

2010 July, 19

Day 1 of the 31DBBB: Write an Elevator Pitch

2023-10-10T22:11:26-04:00July 19, 2010|Disney Travel, Mom Businesses|2 Comments

I don't know what I was thinking when I signed up for this blog challenge well I do but that's another blog.  I wasn't investing too much time in my blog and was just unsure of what I would write about.  I found the SITSgirls online and signed up, I started reading other blogs and loved so many of them.  I usually post about the latest Disney deals on my blog and about my free Disney planning services but wanted to add so much more.  I decided I needed to invest the time working on the blog, writing about my [...]

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