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All the Medals!


Grabbing All The Medals was a goal I set out to obtain in 2015 when a series of exciting races were announced: runDisney’s Kessel Run Challenge and Castle to Chateau Challenge! If you know me, you know that I’ve been a Big Star Wars Fan since it all began. I saw Star Wars: A New Hope with my Dad at the Joy Theater in New Orleans. Unlike the Joy Theater, which was destroyed in Katrina, our memories of seeing that [...]

All the Medals!2016-10-21T11:58:51-04:00

Keeping Fitness in Your Vacation


  As with everyone, keeping up with fitness at home is hard, and being on vacation, can make it seem impossible!  But you can have a balance of fun and fitness while and Disney, and here are some ways to help! Track your Steps We’ve been tracking steps at Disney for many years. Long before the fitness tracker craze came “alive”, I would purchase inexpensive pedometers for all of us to wear. We would have a friendly family competition to [...]

Keeping Fitness in Your Vacation2016-02-25T13:11:14-05:00

Being a Non-Runner at a runDisney Race


Last month I participated in my very first runDisney event, the Enchanted 10k during Princess Half Marathon Weekend! Now, let me preface this by saying I am NOT an athletic person! As much as I’d like to be, I’ve just never had it in me! So when I signed up for the Enchanted 10k, I was super excited, but as the trip neared, I started to freak out a little. I’d never done more than an untimed 5k in my [...]

Being a Non-Runner at a runDisney Race2015-03-03T14:32:34-05:00

Fitness travel can be fun for the whole family


My husband and I recently ran the Walt Disney World Half Marathon. We had a really great time (except for the sore muscles!) and that made us think ... There are plenty of races and fun runs all over the United States that we could do, and bring the kids along! Plus, the whole family can "train" together to get ready, so there are even more opportunities for quality time, while helping to build some healthy habits. The Disney World [...]

Fitness travel can be fun for the whole family2014-05-06T11:44:52-04:00