2019 June, 13

Savi’s Workshop

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Savi’s Workshop is a little bit hard to find.  Since the Black Spire Outpost is under the protection of the First Order, the Resistance and Force sensitive beings have to remain hidden and out of sight.  The only way to find the shop is by looking for the Blue Lightsaber Banner outside the store.                                 Savi is very important to the Force, and was one of the original Gatherers.  The Gatherers are a group of people who have dedicated their lives to restoring balance in [...]

2016 December, 21

Updated for 2017: Do You Have What It Takes To Become a Jedi?

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Just as Ezra met his trials at the Lothal Jedi Temple, so must you at the Mysterious Jedi Temple in Disney’s Hollywood Studios! The Temple is a place where Jedi Masters take their young Padawans to determine if they are ready to become Jedi. Jedi Training is for all Padawans ages 4 through 12 who want to test their skills in the Force under the watchful eye of a Jedi Master! Head over to the stage by Star Tours and life-size AT-AT for the all excitement and action! Your Padawans will arrive there with Jedi robes and light sabers and [...]

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