2012 April, 19

The Future of Interactive Attractions

2012-04-19T21:43:00-04:00April 19, 2012|Disney World, Universal Studios Orlando|0 Comments

The Future of Interactive Attractions Imagine taking a person from the 90s to the theme parks and attractions of today. What would you show them? Which rides would you go on? Would much have changed in these years? The 90s don’t seem like a long time ago, but sometimes I like to remind myself of how I old I really am when I think that the Jurassic Park movie came out nearly 20 years ago in 1993! This was almost the same year I went to Orlando for the first time and experienced the awe and wonder of Walt Disney [...]

2011 April, 8

New interactive queue at the Haunted Mansion

2011-04-08T10:58:55-04:00April 8, 2011|Disney News, Disney World|0 Comments

Walt Disney Imagineering recently unveiled a new interactive queue at the Haunted Mansion attraction at Magic Kingdom® Park. You can now view a new story line inspired by some of their favorite characters, previously seen only inside the Haunted Mansion. Throughout the interactive queue, your Clients will find new crypts and other “spooky” sights, as well as tombstones with witty epitaphs to the dearly departed, such as “Drink A Toast To Our Friend Ken, Fill Your Glass And Don’t Say ‘When.’” This Haunted Mansion revamp is one of several enhancements being made to queue lines throughout the Park to help [...]

2011 March, 16

Re-Imagineered Star Tours Returns

2011-03-16T03:14:27-04:00March 16, 2011|Disney World, Disneyland|0 Comments

From the time Star Tours debuted at Disneyland Park in 1987 and at Walt Disney World Resort in 1989 until the attraction went dark for "reimagining" in fall 2010, guests embarked on a journey to the Moon of Endor and beyond, with a trainee pilot named REX at the controls of 40-passenger Starspeeder 3000 spacecraft. Now the Star Tours attraction at Disney's Hollywood Studios in Florida (scheduled to reopen May 20) and at Disneyland Park in California (scheduled to reopen June 3) puts a whole new twist on virtual space travel with Starspeeder 1000 craft -- predating the Starspeeder 3000 [...]

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