2019 August, 15

International Travel with Tiny Humans – Tips and Tricks

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                  Does the mere title of this blog make you break out in hives? Is your eye twitching yet? The thought of traveling long distances with younger kids can be intimidating. I’ve lost count of how many people looked at me like I was absolutely insane when I told them we were taking our 14-month-old on an international flight for summer vacation. It’s hard work; there’s no sugar coating that. My husband and I learned the hard way how to make it fun for everyone. Nothing says travel disaster like being trapped [...]

2014 November, 7

Five fabulous things about New York City

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There are so many beautiful places to travel in the US. There are beautiful sunsets and mountains. There are great hiking trails and oceans in which to swim. But to me, one of the prettiest views is the outline of the New York City skyscrapers. I love New York! Give me a city street to hike, give me the stores to shop, the people to watch, and the buildings to explore. There is a great deal of history to learn in the city itself. There are many college campuses tucked in amongst the rest of hustle and bustle. There are [...]

2013 March, 27

Exchanging your Disney paper ticket for the new touch to enter ticket

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I received an email from Disney this morning about turning in my “paper ticket” and getting the new touch to enter ticket.  If you are an AP holder check your email to learn all about the changes.         Now Passholders can enjoy even easier entry into the Theme Parks. Our new cards will let you enter with just a simple touch using our innovative new main entrance touch points. So how can you get these new cards? Since many of our Passholders love to visit during the Epcot® International Flower & Garden Festival, we thought you might [...]

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