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Hi!  My name is Jessica Stiver.  I am a born and raised Michigander so traveling to Florida is practically a yearly tradition for most of us!  One of the best memories I have as a child was seeing how many Character Autographs I could get every time we visited Disney World!  There truly is nothing more magical than Disney and now I get to pass on my traditions to my daughter and see the Disney Magic through her eyes!  
One of my biggest passions in life is traveling.  I love every aspect of traveling but have found the biggest interest in planning that PERFECT trip.  Throughout the years, I have been the “go to” person for my family and friend’s vacations, so I figured it was time to turn my passion into a career!  My goal is to take away as much stress and that overwhelming feeling that can come when trying to make your trip as magical as possible.  I will walk you through each step and provide my tips and tricks that I’ve learned over the years to make this a vacation no one forgets!
If you’re interested in planning a trip, please reach out!  I’m looking forward to being a part of the magical vacation you’re wanting to plan!
Thank you,