What does it cost to use Travel with the Magic?
Nothing! All our services are free! We are paid by Disney or the Supplier your travel is booked with after you have traveled. We do not charge for our services. There are no fees at all to use Travel with the Magic.

Can I still use your services if I already booked my vacation?
It depends, did you book directly with Disney? If so yes we can still help you but only within 30 days of your booking and you can’t be paid in full. Nothing will change on your existing reservation and it is a quick and easy process. Now if you are already booked with another travel agency we can’t take over your reservation, sorry.

What services do you offer?
At Travel with the Magic, we work hard to help you plan your vacation and want you to have a great time making memories that will last a lifetime. When you book your vacation, room, tickets, or cruise we offer free itinerary planning, dining assistance, discount monitoring, event planning, setting up transfers, special celebrations, and more. Remember there are no fees for our services.

What if Disney releases a discount or special after I am already booked?
Once you book your vacation with Travel with the Magic we are always checking any new offers that are released to make sure you are getting the best deal. If the new offer is a better price we will contact you with that information. Be assured that we are continuously monitoring discounts on your vacation.

What if I receive a pin in the mail or via email?
If you receive a pin code in the mail or via email from Disney call us and provide us with the pin code or forward us the email. Then we can contact Disney to see if the pin code will save you money on your existing reservation or a future Disney vacation.

Will you price match an offer from another travel agency?
It depends. To be honest, if the other agency is booking you directly with Disney like we do then they would have the same pricing (or pretty close) unless you are getting a special group rate. What usually happens is that another agency is “rebating” or taking money out of there commission to offer you a better deal. We always want to get you the best deal but our time is also valuable and we deserve to be paid for the time we put in planning your vacation. If we give you a quote and then you get a better price from another agency you can contact us but we don’t guarantee that we will match or beat it. We also require a copy of the quote from the other agency.

Do you book groups and family reunions?
Yes! We can handle small and large group reservations, family reunions, school groups, sports teams, cheer and dance teams, homeschoolers, and more! If you are part of a group or a group coordinator contact us at info@travelwiththemagic.com or call Kelly H Russo toll-free at 1-800-670-4312 ext 123 for more information.

How do I contact you?
You can contact your vacation planner at their email address or their toll-free number. You can get that information on the Meet the Team page or from your vacation planner’s email signature, or you can email us at info@travelwiththemagic.com. You can fill out the contact us form here, or call us toll-free at 1-800-670-4312 and hit 0 and you will be connected to the home office.

How do I make payments?
Once we book your vacation we get your billing information and then Disney or the Supplier will charge you. There are no charges from Travel with the Magic or an agent of Travel with the Magic, and we do not take checks. If you would like to pay your deposit by check we give you the Suppliers address to mail it to and it is made payable to that Supplier. If you want to pay off your vacation by check then we follow the same process as above with you mailing the Supplier the check and it is made payable to that Supplier.

Do I have to pay in full when I book?
If you are booking a vacation package within 45 days of travel, then yes you will because that is Disney’s policy. Payments are based on the Terms and Conditions of Disney or the Supplier (examples of Supplier’s Universal, Royal Caribbean, or Sandals Resorts).

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