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Why Should You Visit Disneyland?


Whether you’ve visited Walt Disney World in Florida a hundred times, or you’re still planning your first trip, here are a few reasons to consider visiting the Disneyland Resort in California. The Original – The Disneyland Park is the only park that Walt Disney actually set foot in. This is the theme park that started it all!! There are many attractions here that don’t exist in other parks. Don’t miss Indiana Jones Adventure or Radiator Springs Racers. (While their ride [...]

Why Should You Visit Disneyland?2019-05-29T14:02:19-04:00

Cruising with Kids on NCL Epic


Cruising NCL with kids is an amazing experience. The NCL Epic is a great ship for families and multigenerational trips. Here are some wonderful things about cruising with kids on this ship. Youth Programs – NCL’s Youth Program is divided into groups: Guppies (ages 6 months to 3 years), Splash Academy (ages 3 – 12 years), and Entourage (ages 13 – 17 years). The Splash Academy is further divided by age: Turtles (ages 3 – 5 years), Seals (ages 6 [...]

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What are the differences between Value, Moderate and Deluxe Disney Resorts?


I hear it all the time, “I’m not going to be in my room very much, besides the money what is the difference between the resort categories?” Many people are surprised to find there are a lot of options between them and I hope I can help bring some clarity and help you decide which will best suit your family in both comfort and budget. Value Resorts These are the cheapest hotels on property and offer a basic motel room [...]

What are the differences between Value, Moderate and Deluxe Disney Resorts?2015-04-24T08:19:22-04:00

Tips for the parks – part 2


Looking for tips and strategies to make your trip smoother? Here are some ideas to help you out! · If you are traveling with a child with severe allergies to the environment, peanuts, etc and you are worried about leaving your stroller in the stroller parking, here are some tips: *Bring a plastic cover for your stroller *Be aware that the managers do move the strollers around for organization purposes and for the safety of other guests. So many people [...]

Tips for the parks – part 22014-12-08T18:44:18-05:00