Disney and photography…. I am not sure if I could tell you which is more important to me. Now mix the two together and be still my heart! I am that person you see touring Disney with a HUGE camera. I may or may not have been mistaken for a Disney photographer during some of my last trips. I even go a step further and take both my IPhone AND a high powered point and shoot. You know…for those times where it is just not feasible to lug around a huge camera. I don’t mess around with the capturing of my Disney memories and you shouldn’t either. This is why today I am going to plead my case for Disney’s Memory Maker. What? Check out my reasons why below.

1. You get to be in photos! Say what? If you scroll thru my Disney photos you will notice that I am absent from most of them. Why? Well because I am the one behind the lens. Now I get to be in the pictures too!

2. Tour the parks with less gear! With memory maker I don’t feel like I have to carry around my huge, heavy camera. I know that I will be able to get high quality shots from Disney’s photographers.

3. Ride Photos! Don’t risk losing your expensive phones and point and shoots on rides! Let Disney do the work for you!



4. Magic shots! What the heck is a magic shot? A magic shot is a fun picture where a character or Disney element is digitally added. Not all Disney photographers are trained to do them, but JUST ASK! Some magic shots you can currently get at Disney World are balloons, Tinkerbell, a frog, butterflies, Simba, Stitch, Sven, and even Olaf! (There are more…)



5. Animated shots! These are pretty new at Disney World. The photographer takes a regular photo of your group and then an animated version of a character is added to the shot. I have seen animated shots with Sven, Sulley, and Lumiere. The options I am sure will change so make sure you ask! Right now the only way you can download them is if you purchase memory maker. They are .mp4 files.

6. Cost effective! Memory maker costs $169 if you purchase it at least 5 days before your first photo is taken. ($199 regular price) So I will be completely honest, at first I was a skeptic on this aspect of memory maker. My pictures are 100% free, I took them they are mine, ALL mine. Well, what happens when you look at the pictures that a Disney photographer took of your baby’s first encounter with Mickey and not only does he have the perfect smile, but GASP you are in them? It would only take about 10, yes 10 photos to make up the cost of a memory maker. Printed versions cost anywhere from 12.95 for a 5×7 to 16.95 for an 8×10! (There are more options this is just a couple.)

7. You can share! Did you know that if you travel with another party everyone can use the same memory maker for the price of just one? Say what? UNLIMITED photos for my family and every family/friend traveling with us? Yes please.

8. Don’t want to give up your photographer status? Don’t! Use memory maker as a back-up. You never know what you could lose (GASP!) a memory card, camera, or phone. You have invested so much money and time planning the perfect vacation. Capturing those memories is a must and made easy with memory maker.

9. Eases the stress of capturing the perfect e meet and greet photos! You will find that Disney photographers don’t just capture posed smiles. They will record the story of a meet and greet.

10. Allows you to live in the moment! I know for me, a photographer, and someone who takes a million photos I am always so caught up in getting the memory recorded that I forget to enjoy it. Be present. Memory maker helps me with that and it can for you too.

Have questions about memory maker? Need help planning your Disney vacation? I can help! Contact me at Lizeth@TravelWithTheMagic.com, on Facebook or by phone at 1-800-670-4312, ext. 143.