I just got off of the Disney Fantasy, on a week long cruise to the Caribbean. Not only was it a seven night cruise, but it was the inaugural Star Wars Day at Sea cruise. Without giving away too much, I wanted to highlight some of the surprises and “extras” that happened during that day, for all the Star Wars fans on board.


Characters: There were characters walking around the decks all day long, and we were also given the opportunity to attend a couple of meet and greet with a special ticket that was put in our room the night before. Bobby and I met the bounty hunter in the “Dark Side” which was held in the Tube. We spotted some characters up on deck 5, and although I didn’t see them, I heard great things about the Storm Troopers wandering on deck 4.


Food: The “quick service” food up on the pool deck had special Star Wars names, and a special Star Wars tissue paper on the plates. The drink of the day was called “Galaxy in a glass” and was a smoothie of sorts with yogurt and strawberries.


Dinner: We were the first to hold the cool holographic dinner menus, which was really neat. We loved how each item had a special name and description such as “force smashed potatoes” which I naturally ordered.


Movie: Instead of a live show in the theater that night, we got to see the Force Awakens in 3D. At the concession stand, you could purchase special drink cups and other Star Wars merchandise. I like the BB-8 cups the best!


Merchandise: The shops were LOADED DOWN with Star Wars day at sea merchandise, there was so much! I am always afraid at special events that they will run out of merchandise, but the shops did not disappoint.


Show/Fireworks: After the movie was over, we headed up to the pool deck for the show and fireworks. Some characters made appearances, and the fireworks were set to Star Wars music.


Buffet: Instead of having a late night pirate buffet on pirate night, we had a Star Wars buffet after the fireworks. It was basically the same food as the pirate party aside from a few special Star Wars additions.


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