Have you ever been to Disneyland Theme Park? Or will this be your very first time visiting this incredible park? There are so many things to do and see all at one magical place. Whether you have never gone before or go all the time here are 5 Must-Know Tips before your next visit to Disneyland Theme Park!

5 Must-Know Tips Before You Travel to Disneyland Pic

1. One of the best unknown tips is that the best time to go to Disneyland is in mid to late September, January, and even the first part of May because crowds are usually lower and because the weather is not too hot or too cold. On the rare occasion, you may experience some rain, but do not panic I love to go when it is a little bit rainy outside because it scares most of the people away allowing you to get on many more rides and much quicker. It is also a good time to go during these months because most school kids will be in class and not on break which is when Disneyland is the most crowded.

2. The second Must-Know tip is to buy Disney gift cards at Target and use your REDCARD to save 5% instantly! A Target REDCARD does not cost anything to apply for you just need an active checking account, Drivers license, and a voided check. Any checker or customer service representative can help you sign up, and it only takes a few minutes. You can use Disney gift cards to purchase anything in the park from food to souvenirs. Pre-purchasing Disney gift cards is also a great way to plan and pay for a future Disney vacation. Everyone is always asking if Disney offer coupons or special deals.  Yes, this is an easy way to save money!

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3. The third Must-Know tip is if you wanted to do Character Dining did you know if you eat at a Character Breakfast vs. Character dinner you can say approximately 35%! A theme park ticket is required to enjoy any restaurant located in the park. Recommendations are HIGHLY recommended and can be done up to 60 days in advance. There is no charge for children under the age of three, but make sure to include in your party size, so they have a seat. Another great thing about character dining is you can get many signatures and pictures from the many Disney Character friends you will be greeted by and not have to wait in the long autograph lines.

4. The fourth Must-Know tip is you must use Disney’s Rider Switch feature! Rider switch applies if you are with another adult and you have an infant or child in your party that cannot ride an attraction you can ask a cast member in charge of the attraction if Rider Switch is available. While one person watches the child, another adult can go on the attraction. Once they are finished, the parent watching the child can now go on and can even bring another guest along with them up to two guests.

5. The fifth Must-Know tip is let an authorized Disney vacation planner do all the deal hunting for you – at no charge! Why take time out of your day(s) when all you must do is contact a Disney Specialist who can do all the work for you. Not only do you get the convenience of getting all your questions answered by a simple phone call, but you will get the comfort of sitting back and relaxing while your planner does all the work for FREE!! It is their job and their passion to help make your “Dream” vacation become a reality. Authorized Disney Vacation Planners can make dinning reservations, book your hotel stay, and so much more!

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Disneyland is truly a place like no other, and you should not feel intimidated by all the incredible features this magical place has to offer. It is supposed to be a trip of a lifetime, not something you should stress about planning or going! I am a Disney Vacation Planner and would love to help you plan your next Disney vacation! Feel free to contact me anytime for a FREE quote at Carrie@travelwiththemagic.com