Last year, I ran the runDisney Star Wars half marathon. I had so much fun that I decided to run again this year, but participate in the challenge. I am a huge runDisney fan, and while I know about Star Wars and have seen the movies, I wouldn’t consider myself a “super fan.” However, that fact shouldn’t stop you from signing up for the race, because I had such a great time! Here are 5 reasons you should run the runDisney Star Wars Challenge:

  • Awesome medals: When you run a challenge with runDisney, you get not only the medals for the respective races you ran, but you also get a challenge medal, so I ran two races that weekend and walked away with three super cool medals to add to my collection. It makes the accomplishment seem that much more cool when it gets it’s own medal!


  • Characters on course: I have run a lot of runDisney races, and I have never seen as many characters on the course as I saw for the Star Wars weekend races. There were so many, that I couldn’t even stop for them all! Also since they were spread out in multiple places, the lines weren’t long either. Awesome!



  • Great time of year to visit: This race weekend is held in April, which is a great time to visit Walt Disney World. The weather is nice, the crowds aren’t bad, and it’s not too brutal yet as far as running in Florida goes. Go ahead and make it a family vacation, it’s the perfect excuse!


  • Great course: The Star Wars courses changed a bit, and now you start from the Magic Kingdom parking lot, which means you get to run through three theme parks! (EPCOT, Animal Kingdom, and Hollywood Studios). You also get to run around the boardwalk, so there is a lot to look at along the way.


  • Not so crazy expo: Since this is a smaller race weekend, I didn’t feel quite so stressed or claustrophobic at the race expo. There was plenty of merchandise for everyone, and I really got to slow down and enjoy my time shopping and hanging out at the ESPN Wide World of Sports.

All runDisney races are amazing and a lot of fun, but if you are on the fence about Star Wars in particular, I hope this convinced you to give it a shot!

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