First and foremost, what the heck is rope drop and why, oh why do I want to get up early on my Disney vacation to get there?

Rope drop is Disney lingo for park opening. The reason why you want and should get up early (sigh… I know, I know!) to get to rope drop is because you will experience lighter crowds the first few hours of park opening. This means your family will be able to experience more attractions/rides with lesser wait times! Score!

I myself am cursed blessed with early-rising kids. We have no problems getting to rope drop because well, they get up at the crack of dawn, but for some of you lucky parents out there you might need a few tips to help you out your Disney resort door and successfully to rope drop!

  1. Set out everyone’s clothes the night before. This includes any hair accessories, ears, shoes, socks and even magic bands. Having everything in one place will help eliminate time-consuming searching. This tip is especially helpful for our family. It allows both mom, dad, and even big sister assist in getting the younger members of our family ready.
  2. Shower the night before! One less thing for everyone to do before you walk out the door!
  3. Have a breakfast plan. Are you hitting the quick service restaurant at your resort or eating in your resort room? If you have a breakfast dining reservation later in the morning, do your kids need something to hold them over until then? My kids are more cooperative when they are fed. Cooperative kids will help you get to rope drop!
  4. Have your park touring bag packed and ready to go the night before. No scrambling or worrying about forgetting something!
  5. Don’t forget to set an alarm or two. You might even consider setting up a wake-up call with the front desk of your Disney resort!

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