Be Our Guest entrance

Be Our Guest is such a popular restaurant at the Magic Kingdom! Since it opened last fall in the New Fantasyland it has been very hard to get Advanced Dining Reservations to eat there. Never fear…I have great news for you! You can actually eat at Be our Guest without an Advanced Dining Reservation!
YES! It is true. Be our Guest is open as a quick service for lunch every single day. But this is no ordinary quick service location…read on for more and see why I think Be our Guest for lunch should be on your itinerary.

Do you have to wait in line? Yes. Is it worth it? Absolutely 100% yes. The line starts forming early. Here we are about to get in line around 10:45 am.


The line doesn’t move until 11am when Be our Guest opens for lunch. Once it does open it moves fairly quickly; plus there is a lot to see along the way. We even met some really neat people while we waited.

Disneyworld 20126

Once you are inside you will be awed. This is a completely immersive experience. You are in the Beast’s castle and no detail is left out. When you walk in the grand entrance you will turn right and walk through a short hallway with electronic signs that show the pages of the menu. This will help you get an idea of what is offered on the lunch menu as it is different than the dinner menu.


At the end of the hallway is the Kiosk room where your entire party will be directed to an empty kiosk. This helps the line keep moving which is a nice logistical touch. The kiosks feature touch screen menus that are very easy to use, and have pictures and descriptions of the foods; a cast member will also be there to help should you need it. Once you place your order you are handed a magical rose. You place the rose at your table and soon a cart is pulling up to your table with your food on it! How that works is a mystery to me but it works…we even changed tables a few times and walked all around before finally sitting near the window in the ballroom.


This brings me to another big advantage of eating at BE our Guest for lunch. YOU get to choose where you sit. All 3 dining rooms are open for lunch and, unlike dinner; you can walk around and sit wherever you want! Change tables and eat your dessert in another room. Finish off your free drink refill in yet another. The Rose Gallery is only open at lunch time so make sure you at least check it out.(At dinner only the West Wing and the Ballroom are open.)

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The food is fantastic-the best quick service meal I have had at Magic Kingdom. I had the Braised Beef, leek soup, and a lemon merengue cupcake. My husband had the chocolate cupcake and said it is one of the best desserts of his life (and he is not even a cupcake person!)

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If you are on the Disney Dining Plan I would recommend doing Be our Guest for lunch. If Be our Guest is on your MUST-DO list you can eat there for lunch and save a valuable Table Service Credit AND you don’t have to worry about a reservation (since, trust me, they are really hard to get). Even if you are not on the Dining Plan make plans to eat at Be our Guest. It may take a little longer than another counter service restaurant but it is an experience in and of itself and you will not regret it. Think of it as another attraction!

Be our Guest is open as Quick Service from 11-2 each day (sometimes you may catch them open till 2:30 or a little later but plan on 11-2). Dinner is served starting at 4pm and is full table service with a different and more extensive menu than the lunch menu and includes a dinner only Wine List. Theme park admission is required.

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