“An explorer is a friend to all, be a plant or fish or tiny mole!” Russell

Our ever-determined Wilderness Explorer, Russell, from the heart-warming movie UP, is the star of Disney’s Redwood Creek Challenge Trail!


Here your children can join Russell and become Senior Wilderness Explorers, too! Embark on an exciting adventure through the trail; meet challenges at every station, and complete quests for these awesome Wilderness Explorer badges!


· Tracking

· Bravery

· Rock Climbing

· Wolf Howl

· Animal Spirit

· Puzzle Solving

Earning these badges is very exciting and ambitious; but don’t worry, Russell left you clues in a map!


There are 6 bases along the trail, each with a special challenge. As you complete each step, you scratch off the circle on the map, reveal the badge, and become one stride closer to a Senior Wilderness Explorer!

You and your family are free to explore the trail in any order you wish! The journey is yours!


Walk through the towering, 35-foot Big Sir: an ancient redwood tree


Gain the expert skills of traverse rock climbing at Cliff Hanger Rock Climb


Find Bravery at the Sequoia Smoke Jumpers


Howl Like A Wolf in the Hoot-N-Holler Logs


Discover Tracking and Find Kevin’s Footprint


Be a Puzzle Solver and uncover the mysteries of the Statues…


Learn about Protecting our Forests from Fire


Wind your way through the Squirrel Scramble


And Uncover Secrets from 1000 years ago!


Of course, being a Senior Wilderness Explorer does have special requirements!


No matter which path you start on, your family will find history, the stories of the earth, and physical tests of endurance to add to your Disney California Adventure. This stop is great way to expend all that extra energy and gain knowledge at the same time!

We must learn from Russell, “The Wilderness is meant to be explored, Caww, Caww, Roaarr!”

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