The Dreaded Vacation Task… PACKING!


The Dreaded Vacation Task... PACKING! I love going on vacation, I really do. But I loathe one specific thing; packing. It’s just the worst.  Here are a few packing problems and some solutions that I have learned in my travels. Problem: The Over Packer: A weekend getaway, a week in the tropics, or an overnight stay. No matter what the length of the trip is, I always seem to over pack.  I do not end up wearing half of what [...]

The Dreaded Vacation Task… PACKING!2013-11-27T14:12:26-05:00

Pin trading at Disney World


Here is a Disney World vacation tip from Tracy about pin trading at Disney. This activity is fun for the whole family!

Pin trading at Disney World2019-06-21T13:00:56-04:00