Fairytale Endings

I cannot say enough good things about our Travel Agent, Kelly. When it comes to booking Disney trips she knows her stuff. It is so nice to work with someone who truly cares about her clients vacations. She is so personal, but also very professional. If there are special promotions Kelly always finds them. I like that she takes care of everything. And I mean everything. We book all of our Disney vacations through her, and she never disappoints. For our last trip we did a split-stay. We had never done this before and traveling with two young children worried me somewhat. When we checked into resort #1 (Animal Kingdom Lodge) everything was perfect. The transfer to resort #2 a couple days later (Grand Floridian) went equally well. No problems or issues of any kind. If you need advice on dining, entertainment or resorts she has wonderful first hand knowledge. I look forward to working with her again…and again…on planning our next trip. Phillips Family, Missouri


It all started when Kelly sent me a priority mail package of Disney planning materials…I was excited to begin this magical planning for our first Disney vacation with my children and husband. She promptly and happily answered all of my email questions. I constantly asked her things about hotels, dining (plus two of my sons have food allergies), rides, special egg free/peanut safe birthday cake requests, you name it-Kelly had the answers emailed almost instantly! When we arrived and followed Kelly’s reservations and suggestions, it became the most amazing week of our lives. I have four little boys who thought they were really “Princes” for the week, they felt like royalty! My 6 year old summed it up perfectly when he said “I thought it was all a dream, but I have the souvenirs to prove that it was actually real!” I suggest Kelly to anyone and everyone booking a Disney trip because she really goes that extra mile, just amazing. K. Farley, NY


This was our first family trip to Disney for my husband, myself, our 13 y.o. son, and our 5 y.o. daughter. Kelly was very happy to help plan our trip and gave us great recommendations and advice. She was available day and night, answering all of our questions with such a pleasant mannerism. We were extremely overwhelmed with all the information, accommodations, etc and Kelly helped to plan a trip that was perfect for our family. She really got to know us and our preferences and individualized a trip that was planned from start to finish. We followed her advice for daily park trips and meal reservations and we had a wonderful time. I must add that we booked our own plane reservations through AirTran and we had some last minute changes in the plane reservations that we were very unhappy about. Frantic, I called Kelly for advice and she was more than willing to call the airlines and try to change things for us. Unfortunately, there was nothing that could be done, but she advised me to call and complain and ask for compensation. I was reluctant to do this after spending so much time on the phone with them, but I followed her advice. The airlines upgraded us to first class for all of the flights and refunded our seat fee. We were happy with that!! We could get used to flying first class! Kelly was a life saver! We would highly recommend Kelly to our friends and family (she was highly recommended from a friend of ours). We can’t say enough good things about her!   Mazzola Family, Massachusetts


What’s the one thing I have to have for a great Disney vacation? Kelly’s help!! I wouldn’t think about booking a Disney vacation without her. She help me plan great trips to Walt Disney World and on the Disney cruise line. Her advice has been fantastic and spot on. She thinks of everything to make your vacation even more special. Kelly really took the time to get to know us and our needs. I’m looking forward to planning my next trip with her! Maura, Massachusetts


I have booked several Disney vacations through Heather in the past year and I have been beyond pleased with her extensive knowledge of Disney, her quick responses to my emails and her professionalism. This year, Heather has booked vacations for me at Disney World, Disneyland and Disney Cruise Line and she was able to answer all my questions, make excellent dining suggestions an give me important tips on all 3 locations! If you are new to Disney I highly recommend booking through Heather because she will give you the best options, be able to answer all your questions about resorts, dining and parks and she will plan the best vacation for you and your family. I love booking vacations through Heather because I feel like she really shares in the excitement with me. I know I will always get the best deals when booking through her and her company. I highly recommend contacting Heather for your next Disney vacation!!! Bethany, MA


“Good evening Amy S, what an awesome time we had – thank you! Just an outstanding time! OMG, can’t thank you enough!”  Jocelyn, Texas


Amy S we had an awesome time last week at Disney! Everything went so smoothly. Thanks so much for your help. We will definitely be making a return trip sometime in the future and will have you help us again. Traci, Texas


Hi My Name is Shela Clemons I am a 41 year old mother of two wonderful children and a wife of an amazing husband of 17 yrs. I have Pulmonary Fibrosis. I have been sick and on oxygen for over two years now. When I got sick I did not think I would be able to do the things with my family I have always wanted to do due to my illness and my lack of mobility due to my lung issues and oxygen levels. My dream has always been to be able to take my kids to Walt Disney World. I have been myself three times in the past and my husband and I had been together once. Luckily God sent me a friend and an angel in disguise when I met Robyn Adams through the DOC (Diabetic Online Community) on Facebook – my son has Type 1 Diabetes. One day I just happened upon a post about Walt Disney World and that Robyn helped people with Diabetes, disabilities and more plan trips to Disney. Well right then and there I knew God was working through Robyn to help me make my dreams come true! We talked to her arranged our plans and booked our trip. Robyn arranged all the things that would help us in our trip ahead of time – reservations, handicap accessible room, guest asst card etc! She was amazing and so helpful. We contacted our oxygen company. They had the oxygen ready and waiting in the room for us upon arrival. Everyone was so friendly helpful and courteous. I never was treated as though I was disabled or sick. They treated me almost like a princess or someone famous LOL! All the Cast Members was exceptionally nice all the way from housekeeping to the chef. I had a truly amazing wonderful magical time and made memories I will never forget the rest of my life. I got to enjoy riding rides and having fun with my kids and family. We plan on coming back in 7 yrs for our 25th Wedding anniversary. I can’t wait. I’m already planning! I have been to Disney many times but this is the best trip and time I’ve ever had! We went Spring Break March 25~31 2012. IT TRULY IS WHERE DREAMS DO COME TRUE! AND THANK YOU ROBYN FOR MAKING MINE COME TRUE! GOD BLESS – Shela, Alabama


Amy Schrenk, We absolutely enjoyed everything you suggested. I cannot thank you enough for all your work with our trip. It was very magical and special. Boardwalk was perfect, especially with our lower budgeted dining plan. Thought the Aloha Dinner Show was neat, and I personally LOVED the food they served. Having Jenna’s birthday assisted us in some extra special treatment J Would like to mention that transportation after the show was not provided since we got out so late, but we lucked out to catch a cab.

Cirque was also a cool experience. The breakfast with the princesses was probably one of our favorites. They served great food and provided a magical experience for Jenna. Having all the parties’ last names was also beneficial. The check in and checkout was so simple.

Great times! I’m sure we will go back after our feet rest a while.  Thanks again!

Kerrie, Texas


I can’t say enough about Susan and all she did to make our vacation so fabulous! I must have asked a thousand questions about everything from our accommodations to Fast Passes and Susan was always so patient and helpful. We had family at Disney World at the same time we were there and Susan linked up our information so we could do so much more together than we would have been able to on our own. Our whole experience was amazing because of Susan! I will definitely contact her the next time we want to go to Disney. Thank you so much, Susan!! You are the best!  Jocelyn, Texas

This was my first time going to disney world as an adult, so I was a little worried it wouldn’t be as magical for me compared to when I went as a child. However, Brenda made my trip more than I expected! She had me pumped up and excited weeks before we even left. It was so fun getting packages and goodies in the mail from her. She took care of the hard part- booked our hotel stay, reserved our meals, planned out our days with fast passes and reminders making sure we got to see the most we could. Even when we ended up changing our plans with a few dinner reservations, she was quick to respond to my email and take care of that for us. Brenda made this trip stress free and SO much fun! Jessica W


Dear Karen! We just returned from our Disney trip and it could not have been better. We had a truly wonderful time and the help that you gave to us was invaluable. We can not wait to go back, we will never travel without you, and we can’t wait to make sure every one we know uses you in the future. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!! 
Nate, Kathy, Aidan, and Mason