Disney World is know for its amusement parks but did you know that you can find  some of the best food there? Disney dining offers something for everyone, even sushi lovers.  Not only can you find prepackaged sushi at many quick service locations, but some pretty impressive offerings at table service restaurants.

During our last trip we were able to escape for an evening while grandma watched our toddlers. We knew we wanted sushi, but where? Listed below are the four options we considered for our Disney sushi date night. While this list is not exhaustive of all the delicious sushi Disney has to offer, we knew for sure we wanted something that wasn’t located in a park. (Especially after spending the whole day the Magic Kingdom.)

Option#1: Wolfgang Puck Cafe is a popular restaurant located in Downtown Disney. Its menu offers much more than just sushi. (Just in case you traveling with someone who doesn’t like sushi…gasp!)

Option #2: Kimonos is located at the Swan Resort and is actually the only restaurant on property that is all sushi all the time.

Option #3: The California Grill is located at the very top of the contemporary and is know for its top notch cuisine.

Option #4: Kona Island Sushi Bar is located right next door to one of my favorite Disney restaurants, The Kona Cafe. Both are located in Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort.

After a lot of research and a little arguing, (I mean discussion…) we settled on the Kona Island Sushi Bar. Why you ask? Well one, I love Its neighbor The Kona Cafe. You can even order food off the Kona Cafe menu at the sushi bar! Secondly, we wanted something that was going to be easy to get to. We took a bus from our resort and jumped on the monorail to get to the Polynesian Village Resort.

We walked right up and sat ourselves. There was no wait and we didn’t have reservations. The no reservation part made this planner’s little heart race a little, but it turned out great. We arrived after 8:30 in the evening so we didn’t have to contend with the dinner rush. The wait staff was superb and quick. The sushi menu was small but the two rolls we ordered were very good. The fish was very fresh.



The best part? We even were able to watch Wishes after we are right there at The Polynesian! It was an amazing Disney sushi date! I can’t wait for our next one!

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