Disney vacations are not just for kids! Whether it’s a trip out to California to see Disneyland (where it all started), a stay at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, a Disney Cruise Line getaway, a romantic vacation in Hawaii, or an international adventure with Adventures by Disney….I promise you will have a blast…kids not required.

Don't wait till you have kids-go now!

Though children certainly enjoy Disney vacations, there is actually a lot to do for those of us without kids in tow. Disney is the BEST at customer service and immersive experiences whether you go to a theme park, resort, or cruise ship. Here are some benefits of Disney Vacations for Adults that you may not know…

Fine Dining
Let’s be real: most kids are not so adventurous when it comes to fine dining…but when it’s adults only you really have some great, world-class dining options to try. You may not even know that all Disney Vacation destinations have world-renowned chefs and fine dining options. Even the theme parks! Certainly plenty for any foodie to enjoy! Why not plan a trip during Epcot’s Food and Wine Festival?

Fine Dining

Best Date(s) Night EVER!
Going on a Disney Vacation for 2 can be like a whole week of date nights! Spend an evening in France @ Epcot, catch a late night fireworks show, hit up a live show on a Disney Cruise ship, etc. It is just really fun to escape life and immerse yourself in another place. Plus, you can ride all the scary rides without having to do rider switch with the kids!

Date Night

Deluxe Resorts
If you think of a Disney Resort as cartoons and kiddie pools, think again. Yes, you can find resorts that cater to families with small children, but you can also find some amazingly sophisticated, comfortable resorts with amenities geared toward you! (Not small kids). Each resort is highly themed and helps you really escape while on vacation. Stay in an African Savannah, a Polynesian Hut, a friendly beach neighborhood in Key West, or at the grandest of all, The Grand Floridian Resort and Spa. Deluxe Resorts can be found at Walt Disney World, Disneyland, Hilton Head, Vero Beach and even Hawaii!

Adult Exclusive areas on Disney Cruise Ships
Disney Cruise Line leads the industry in family friendly sailing…but you don’t have to travel with children to enjoy the benefits! Disney has designed certain areas of the ship for different age groups…that means there are plenty of places to escape and enjoy a meal, spa treatments, or even some late night entertainment sans kiddos.

I could go on and on about Disney Vacations for “Grown Ups”. Every time I travel on a Disney vacation, I look around at all the families with kids and, even though I cannot wait to take my future children on Magical vacations, I can’t help but be thankful for these times we have to go on vacations for 2.

Don’t wait till you have kids to enjoy the Magic of a Disney Vacation. Contact me today to help you plan your next vacation (kids or no kids!). All of my services are free when you book with me!
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~Aleshia Sokoloski, Travel with the Magic~