tips for the parks

Looking for tips and strategies to make your trip smoother? Here are some ideas to help you out!

· If you are traveling on a cruise with a medical condition, I do recommend getting passports. If you were to have a medical emergency at sea, there is a fully functioning hospital on deck 1 of every Disney cruise ship. If you have to be airlifted for additional medical attention, you will be taken to the closest hospital and that could be somewhere in the Bahamas, Mexico, etc. At that point, you have to have a passport to fly back into the states


· Download a flashlight app in case you encounter an attraction with darkness that is making your child uncomfortable

· Some ways to help your over-stimulated child decompress are:
*ride the steam train at the Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom.
*ride the raft to Tom Sawyer’s Island to get away from the access noise and congestion of the Magic Kingdom.
*ride the People Mover. Now – this ride has a dark section. Download a flashlight app to your smartphone and turn it on when you get to the dark area.
*leave the parks and ride the monorail or water taxi – you can ride these as long as you need.
*go to First Aide and sit in one of the private rooms.
*the First Aide at Magic Kingdom has a quiet area just past its entrance – keep following the path and you will come to a fountain and a bench you can rest on.
*if you haven’t gotten a stroller yet, go ahead and get one – this will give your child a closed in space where he/she can hide from all that is going on around them – it will help them feel safe.


· Do you need a passport when sailing on a Disney cruise ship?
The correct answer is – no IF you are sailing a “closed loop” cruise. This means that if you are disembarking from US soil and coming back to US soil, even with stopping at international ports during your cruise – no you don’t have to have a passport – all passengers without a passport will need their original birth certificate (with the raised seal).
If you are leaving from a non-US soil territory, then yes you need a passport.

· As you walk around the parks and resorts, take a moment to look for Hidden Mickeys. Hidden Mickeys are Mickey heads that have been subtly incorporated into the décor, design, landscape, etc throughout the parks and resorts. This is a great activity to help pass the time waiting in lines for attractions or even while you are just hanging out. Don’t forget to try to find some on your next Disney Cruise!

hidden mickey

· When traveling with a medical device, don’t forget extra batteries! Not all batteries are easy to find. It is always nice to have a few extras in your make-up bag or doc kit.

· When traveling with a loved one with special needs who may be apprehensive of the rides/attractions and what to expect, take some time watching Youtube. There is a video of every park ride and attraction on Youtube. Here your loved one can see the movement of the ride, the way the restraints are situated, possible flashing lights, possible darkness, the type of car/vehicle being used on the attraction, and more.

· The toilets at the Disney parks are on the automatic flushing system. If your child is sensitive to this noise, bring along a band aid or post-it note to cover the sensor so it doesn’t flush until you or your child are ready.

· If your child is sensitive to wearing the new Magic Bands at the Walt Disney World parks, you can wear it for them.

· The Disney parks are fun but exhausting. Many of my clients plan for a “resort day” in the middle of their trip. This is a down day where your family takes some time to enjoy the resort that you are staying at. The resorts can have so much to offer. Plus, there is so much more to do on Disney property (esp WDW) that you don’t need a park ticket for.
*Downtown Disney
*Horseback riding
*Petting zoo
*Movies under the stars
*Bike riding
*Carriage rides
*Chip and Dale sing a long at Fort Wilderness
*Hot Air balloon ride
*Dinner and a movie in 1 place
and more!

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