Frozen lovers unite! In early Summer 2016, Walt Disney World opened the much anticipated Royal Sommerhus AND Frozen Ever After attractions. These two Frozen fan must-dos are located in Epcot’s Norway pavilion.

The Royal Sommerhus, Princess Anna and Queen Elsa’s summer home, is adorable. The inside of the Royal Sommerhus is decorated with beautiful woodwork and art depicting some of Princess Anna and Queen Elsa’s precious family moments.


We were lucky enough to encounter a 20-minute wait during our last trip, BUT much to my surprise, the 20 minutes went by quickly with all the fun details we were able to see while in line. My little Frozen fans were enthralled, which is saying something for them. They aren’t the most patient little people!


Like so many of Disney’s greeting opportunities, Anna and Elsa were AWESOME. When you walk into the room, you are personally led by one of the Arendelle beauties into their greeting space. The first time we visited the Royal Sommerhus, we met Elsa first. The second time we met Anna first. After you have met with one, the second leads you to her space.

We couldn’t have asked for better character interaction! My daughter left with the biggest smile on her face and asked to visit again.


NOTE: Currently, fastpasses are not offered for meeting Anna and Elsa at The Royal Sommerhus. It DOES however open when Epcot opens even though the rest of The World Showcase is not operating yet.

After our warm hugs we set out on our merry way to ride Frozen Ever After. We were just in time to use our fastpass!

Before you get on the ride, you see a sign inviting you to partake in a summer snow day in celebration of the day that Princess Anna saves Queen Elsa.


Once on the ride you are transported to the “Summer Snow Day” celebration where Queen Elsa creates “winter in summer” with her magic powers. You will even pass through Troll Valley on your way up to Elsa’s Ice Palace on the North Mountain. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for your favorite Frozen characters! Anna, Kristoff, Olaf and even Snowgies make an appearance!

BEWARE, the exit to Frozen Ever After leads you into The Wandering Reindeer. It has the cutest merchandise for your Frozen fan!

NOTE: If Frozen Ever After is on your must-do list, a fastpass is a MUST. During our trip we saw times reach as high as 105 minutes! NUTS… Frozen Forever is a tier 1 one attraction at Epcot. Don’t forget! Fastpasses for Disney resort guests can be made 60 days before arrival!

Overall, we absolutely LOVED the Frozen attractions added to Epcot. It is a Frozen lover’s dream.

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