In October, I surprised my mom with a fireworks cruise for her 60th birthday. I had been looking for a great idea of something special we could do while in Walt Disney World when I heard about the new cruise offering, and I immediately booked us a spot. Since these cruises are new, I had no idea what to expect, but I was very pleasantly surprised.

FerryTale Wishes


I was told we could board the boat an hour prior to Wishes, which was at 10:00 that night. We arrived at the Transportation and Ticket Center at 8:45, and were greeted by a check in desk and a lot of cute signs and balloons.

line for FerryTale Wishes


My mom still had no idea what was going on, so I had the guy at the desk explain it to her, then she got excited! We were handed a special pen and the dessert menu, and were led around the corner to where everyone else was waiting.

Welcome menu




We were then handed a light up necklace and a light up glass of cider. We were told there would be alcohol onboard and to hold on to our glass.

Glow in the dark glasses

FerryTale line



At 9:00, we were able to board our ferry, the General Joe Potter, for the evening and get the party started. Once onboard, we were handed a special plate we were told we would get to keep. They had coffee and water right as we got on, and then drink tables in the back corners, with dessert tables on the lower and upper decks.

Drinks are included in the cruise


There was Prosecco, Vodka punch (delicious) beer and wine.

Prosecco, Vodka punch  beer and wine.




We grabbed some drinks and headed upstairs to where it was less crowded and got some food. Everything was delicious!

Food display

Cheese tray



There were cheese and cracker trays which I was not expecting.

FerryTale Wishes food


FerryTale Wishes dessert




My favorite of the desserts was the chocolate from the Contemporary and the pineapple upside down cake from the Polynesian. Delicious!

Dessert Tray

My desserts



The boat sailed around the Seven Seas Lagoon as we ate and chatted with other guests. We were able to see the Electrical Water Parade as well.

Electrical Water Parade

Christmas Lights



At some point in our journey, they began handing out Mickey bars, ice cream sandwiches, and popsicles.

Mickey Ice cream to go


They even had special trash cans!

Special trash can


Selfie of a selfie




A few minutes before 10:00, we parked in the lagoon in preparation for Wishes. The music was piped in, and it was a great end to the evening.

parked in the lagoon


Toasting the fireworks




As soon as Wishes was over, the Ferry docked and we got off the boat. They were handing out extra ice cream sandwiches and Mickey bars as we got off along with water, so of course we grabbed one each, and they were also handing out the helium balloons on the dock so we each took one of those as well.

Mickey ice cream bar


They had busses to take people back to their resorts which was a nice touch, but luckily since we were staying at the Polynesian we just walked back to our room with our light up gear, balloons, and Mickey bars. I’m sure we were quite the sight! It was definitely the highlight of our trip and I would love to do it again so my husband can experience it.

the end of the cruise


Here are my final thoughts on the experience:

-It’s pricey, but worth it in my opinion for adults at $99, but at $69 for kids 3-9, it seems steep…especially for those kids over nine. For the adults, you get unlimited alcohol which helps make it a little more worth it. There were not many kids, but some of the ones I did see seemed bored after the initial dessert-eating.

– The desserts and drinks themselves were all excellent, and I thought the take home plate, cup, and glow necklace were a nice touch.

– There were cast members on the boat that came around and chatted with us making sure we were happy, also a nice touch.

– There were a good number of people on the boat but it never felt too crowded.

– There was a photopass photographer onboard, and I realized when I got home that the pictures showed up for free in my account. I’m not sure if that was a test or if they plan to continue to offer this, but had I known I would have asked them to do more pictures!

– When you board the boat head to the right side, upper deck for the best view of the fireworks (the boat turned sideways during Wishes).

-There is limited seating, only the benches in one on each side of the ferry. They had a few stand up tables as well, so if you need to sit be sure to snag one early.

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