The Harmony barbershop at the Magic Kingdom is reopening on July 31, 2022. Once the hours and pricing update we will share that information.

When I talk about having my kids’ hair cut at Disney, people always give me these puzzled looks, but yes, it’s true Disney has their very own barbershop in Magic Kingdom! The Harmony Barber Shop is a full-service salon with licensed cosmetologists and is a hidden gem that most visitors walk right by each day and is one of the unique happenings the Magic Kingdom offers.

While this Barber Shop services customers of all ages, its specialty is “First Haircuts” and is one of the most budget-friendly encounters your family can do while at Disney World. After all, a style and “pixie dust” is only $5!!

Morgan pixie dust

All you parents know that the first haircut isn’t as much for the child as for the parents. However, harmony Barber Shop pulls out all the stops to make this a truly magical and memorable experience for the whole family. From being covered head to toe in Mickey stickers, character spinners, and bubbles galore, the staff makes sure your child is always entertained to get that perfect cut! We have been lucky enough that our vacations have timed out, and both of my kids have been able to have their first haircut at Harmony Barber Shop what an experience it was for all of us! Now for what’s included in the “First Haircut package;” a commemorative set of “First Haircut” Mickey ears, a Certificate of Bravery, and of course, every piece of hair that was trimmed neatly wrapped and packaged with more “pixie dust” to take home! And if all of this isn’t great enough, wait for the price, it’s only $19!!

morgan ear collage

One secret I have is if you time your reservation right, the parades start or end right outside the shop’s front door, and most of the time, you can get a front-row spot!

harmony barber shop parade

As I said before, this shop isn’t just for the kids, adults can take a break and enjoy a haircut starting at $18, and of course, there is always enough pixie dust to go around. A few of the basics you should know; the barbershop asks for your hair to be clean and brushed as they don’t shampoo and only have water in spray bottles. Walk-ins are accepted, but reservations are suggested by calling 407-9DW-PLAY (939-7529). The Harmony Barber Shop can be located by entering through the left tunnel, just past City Hall and the Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom, between the Car Barn and Emporium.

harmony barber shop collage

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