Now that you have made the awesome decision to take your little ones to Disney, we should talk about getting ready for your adventure. One of the biggest concerns parents have when traveling is, “How am I going to take ALL the stuff my baby needs on vacation?” Let’s face it, babies require lots of stuff. Here are some infant packing tips to help you get ready for your next Disney trip.


1. Have a vacation drop zone. I know some people will not like this idea because it encourages a “messy” space, BUT I have a bed (one in our spare bedroom that is NOT in use) that I “drop” all things that I need to take with me to Disney. It doesn’t have to be a bed, it can be a box in your closet or even in the actual suitcase you are going to take on vacation. When I buy something off my packing list I toss it on the bed until I am ready to do the ultimate organization of vacation gear. I like being able to go in there and see what I have and what I still need.  Seeing this pile may or may not also get me excited because I know vacation is coming soon.

2. If you are flying check bags. I know many of the airlines charge to check bags, so why not save some money and stuff everything into carry-ons? Checking backs might cost you around $25.00 per person, BUT it might save you some stress during your trip by freeing up hands to take care of the needs and wants of little people who are as patient as mini-dictators.

3. Use a grocery service. There are many grocery services that will bring groceries directly to your hotel at Disney. They can bring you that extra container of formula, baby food, wipes, or diapers instead of you stuffing them into your checked baggage or diaper bag. Why not also have them deliver your little one’s favorite box of snacks or a case of water for your days at Disney.

4. When packing clothing for your infant, pack each individual outfit and all accessories for that outfit in a gallon-sized zippered plastic bag. Not only will this save room in your suitcase, BUT it will help keep you organized and cut down on the time it will take to get them ready in the mornings before heading out to the parks because you aren’t searching for particular items.

5. Do a load of laundry or two. Disney has laundry facilities onsite. I know, I know, you are on vacation, BUT if you do a load of laundry while the infants are napping or maybe playing at the pool, you can pack less. Pack a few detergent action packs and some quarters and you will be set.

6. Don’t pack too many books and toys. Of course by all means bring the toy your little one HAS to have in order to fall asleep, BUT the rest can have a little vacation of their own. Plus your little one will probably want a new toy when they are in the shops at Disney. This way the new toy will have space on the ride home.

7. If you do decide to take toys, pack something that your little one has never played with before. Something new and exciting might keep their attention longer during your travel and give you a much needed breather!

8. Make a packing check-list. Check your list twice, three times, and maybe just one more time for good measure! Most things can probably be replaced or bought onsite, BUT knowing and feeling confident that you have everything you want and need for your little one is always an awesome feeling.

Need more tips for traveling to Disney with an infant? Call me! I would love to help. Contact me at, on Facebook or by phone at 1-800-670-4312, ext. 143.