“Let them eat cake”

This may be one of the most fun historical quotes on record. Who doesn’t love cake? Today we start a series of blog articles to help you add even more magic to your Disney vacation with, none other than, CAKE!

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Custom cakes, cakes with fondant, Mickey shaped cakes, surprise cakes, cakes at your favorite dining location, and cakes in your room!  Disney offers a plethora of options to add some magic to your celebration with cake.

Cake makes any occasion a party.  And if you are like most, it is easy to find reasons to celebrate when you are on vacation. Maybe you are celebrating a birthday (belated, upcoming, or today!).  Birthday cake is the most popular celebration cake ever.  But, why limit the magic of cake to birthdays?

Think about all the things you celebrate on your Disney vacation; a retirement, a new job, graduation, anniversaries, and honeymoons. Or maybe you know someone who completed a Run Disney run! Celebrate their accomplishment and surprise them with cake (just plan on a cake delivery for some time AFTER the run) And you can do this whether you are on vacation with them or cheering them on from home.

Now that you are hungry for cake you are probably also wondering how you can make this magical experience happen for your friends and family. Well, the easy answer is: Let your Travel Agent help you! And to help you choose the best option you need to know what the options are. Or, maybe you are someone that likes to take care of those details yourself. No problem because over the next few weeks we will offer more info and tips on the cake options and ordering process. So stay tuned so that you can proclaim “Let them eat cake!” and be the hero of your next Disney Vacation.

Part 2 When, What, and Where to Celebrate

Part 3 The Delicious Details