Tucked away in beautiful Liberty Square is a quaint little restaurant called Liberty Tree Tavern.

Liberty tree tavern lunch

Open for lunch and dinner in the Magic Kingdom, it’s a great spot to cool off, rest your feet, and fill your belly. The décor is very historical and has a colonial vibe, and the cast members wear adorable costumes. Each “room” has a name, and on this trip we were seated in the Ben Franklin room at my favorite table in the restaurant, a cute little table for two at the window.

LTT table

LTT room

In the past when we have eaten here, the whole menu has been a la carte, but this is the first time we have been here since they started also offering the all you can eat option from dinner during lunch. I love that they have both options because my husband eats way more than me so while it’s a great deal for him, it isn’t for me.

With the all you can eat you also get a non alcoholic beverage, and it also includes salad, bread, and dessert. It was a ton of food! The first photo was his first plate and the second was the plate with the second helpings he asked for.

LTT lunch

LTT seconds

Since I don’t eat as much in one sitting, I got the cheeseburger, which was also a huge portion and could have been easily split between two adults.

LTT burger

It was very good, but I could unfortunately only eat half of it. Soon it was time for my favorite part, dessert. The Ooey Gooey Toffee Cake has been a favorite of mine for years, and the server brought out two spoons so we could share. This dessert is so rich but so delicious!

LTT dessert

Now that we know my husband can get the all you can eat at lunch and not just dinner, I have a feeling we will be back to dine here very soon!

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