I have a five-year-old son, so the first ride we run to when rope drops at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom is Peter Pan’s Flight. If you’ve never been, this ride is located in Fantasyland across from It’s A Small World, and it is very different from traditional rides at Disney World. The ride track is above your head and you fly in a pirate ship looking down at all the popular scenes from the Peter Pan movie.

Everyone loves this ride, especially the thousands of guests with you at Disney’s Magic Kingdom. On busy days, wait times for Peter Pan’s Flight can very quickly become more than 90 minutes long. Until last year, the queue was hardly manageable on a hot, summer day. A small child hanging on you, no air conditioning, and a long wait time = unhappy momma. As they say, when momma’s not happy…no one is happy!

Now, thanks to the highly creative team at Disney, riders enjoy the wait almost as much as the ride itself. The queue offers a glimpse inside the Darling’s home…and there are fun surprises along the way!

Peter Pan's Flight - the ride



This is my favorite part of the queue. It looks like a cute replica of the children’s bedroom…until a little mischief starts to happen. The globe spins, the sailboat model rocks, and a certain little troublemaker named Tinkerbell appears! My son loves to stand there and watch her fly all over the bedroom interacting with certain elements and watching her trail of pixie dust.

The next part of the bedroom also has a little bit of magic. Riders can interact with the shadows on the wall. Shadows of bells hang above your head and you can ring them by swiping your hand at them. Then, hundreds of butterfly shadows are released, and if you hold your hand still, they will rest in the palm of your hand!

The children's bedroom


Tinkerbell is at it again! In the picture below, you can see that she gets stuck in the drawer. It is so enjoyable to see kids in the queue squealing with enjoyment at Tinkerbell’s every move.


Make sure that you don’t FastPass Peter Pan’s Flight… if you have a FastPass, you will miss this great, interactive queue. I promise it is worth the wait!

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