My Disney Trip: Through the Eyes of a Child

by admin on December 23, 2013

Big Blue Pool

I have many Walt Disney World trips under my belt, but 2009 was the first year we visited as a family of 4. Our boys were 5 and almost 2 years old. Trying to think of the perfect “Disney trip tradition”, it didn’t take long to figure out that a review or interview might be an amusing way to document Disney memories for years to come. Last year, I took my oldest on a special Mom and Son trip- his 2nd visit. When we came home, I asked him the same questions. It was so fun comparing the answers and I realized a few things. Kids pick up on the smallest details- things overlooked by adults could make a kid’s whole day! It’s also so heartwarming to realize just how much siblings enjoy each other while in the parks. If I had a quarter for every time I heard my son say “Jake would love this!”…

Which character were you most excited to meet?

Meeting Mickey & Minnie

Age 5:

“Stitch was my favorite because he has a funny language. I know he didn’t talk at Disney but in the movie he cracks me up. He causes trouble, too. I don’t like to cause trouble but it’s funny when Stitch does it. I liked Lilo, too. She was so nice to point to Jake to ask you if he would cry if she went near him. She was so thoughtful to Jake.”

Age 8:

“I was happy to see Mickey. He’s like the big boss man. Once you meet Mickey you know you are officially in Disney. He has a cool spot, too. So you don’t just wait in a boring old line to see him. He has a wicked sweet set up.” (Yes, we are from New England.)

What was your favorite Disney Park?

Age 5:

“I like the Magic Kingdom. The rides are fun and I like to see the balloons blowing around in big clumps that the people sell.”

Age 8:

“Hollywood Studios is AWESOME! I finally am not afraid to do some big rides and the Rock n Roller Coaster is the best one ever….even though I’ve only been on like 2 roller coasters. I’m sure this one is the best.”

What was your favorite attraction?

Rock n Roller Coaster

Age 5:

“The Magic Carpets were so cool. I like it because I like Aladdin and because the camel spit water on Daddy. They were fun to ride though, too. I bet Princess Jasmine likes this ride. I’ll ask her when I see her again.”

Age 8:

“Do you even have to ask? Rock n Roller Coaster goes upside down, has all kinds of cool lights and plays awesome music. We should get some CD’s of the music they play around the ride before you go in to ride it.” (Already ahead of you, buddy.)
What was your favorite part of the resort?

Age 5:

(Caribbean Beach Resort) “I like the pool and how it looked like a big pirate ship where me and Jakey played. Pirates are so awesome.”

Age 8:

(Art of Animation) “The pool was SO AWESOME! I wish we could stay there again and just swim for like a hundred years. I would never get out even if I get prunes on my fingers. The Nemo area was my favorite part. I like all the color. It’s cool, too, how they make every section look like the way it is in the movie. So Cars looks like Radiator Springs. And Mama, did you hear how they played “Life is a Highway” in the lobby? You know that’s from the movie, right?”


What was your favorite restaurant?

Hollywood & Vine

Age 5:

“I loved Pizza Planet. I know that none of the Toy Story people came to see us at our table or anything but it’s pretty cool to have some pizza and the play games.”

Age 8:

“Hollywood & Vine. I love sausages and they had lots of them. I think it was cute how they wanted the little kids to dance with them in the middle. I missed Jake while we were eating there because I know he loves all of the Disney Junior shows. I liked getting autographs for him though. I’m pretty sure his hero is Jake from Jake & The Neverland Pirates.” (Nick missed his little brother a lot during these few days and talked about him CONSTANTLY.)

What was your favorite night time activity?

Age 5:

“Watching the parade and seeing Daddy put a light up Mickey ears headband on his head. He looked funny. I bet Mickey loved it if he saw him do it.”

Age 8:

“Sitting in the Main Street Bakery with you- having a cinnamon bun.” (Did I mention he loves his Mama?)

Describe seeing Cinderella Castle for the first time.

Cinderella Castle

Age 5:

“I was so happy. I was like ‘Oh my Gosh. I can’t believe it’s right in front of me.’”

Age 8:

“It was perfection.”


What was your favorite store?

make your own lightsaber

Age 5:

“The store where I made my own light saber-I like that my favorite color is red and I could make a red light saber. Daddy’s awesome for helping me do that.”

Age 8:

“World of Disney because… it’s like you walk in and Disney is ALL OVER YOU.”


Did you like being at Disney with your little brother?

Age 5:

“Yes, because he’s so cute when he’s happy. I just love seeing him so happy. It brightened my face to have him with me.”

Age 8:

“I missed Jake this time because I know he likes a lot of the stuff we saw. But this is good that we got to go because now we can see what he’ll like next time when we come back with him. And the time after that…and the time after that…because you know we’ll never stop going.”

What’s your Disney trip tradition? Don’t have one? Try starting an interview and add to it with every trip! The answers make for great stories as the kids get older.

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Kids’ interviews and recaps are an amusing and memorable way to document a Disney vacation!

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Aleshia December 23, 2013 at 9:24 am

Best ever: …”it’s like you walk in and Disney is ALL OVER YOU.”


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