Your vacation is paid off, your MagicBands have arrived and now it is time to start packing. You don’t want to forget a thing. You’ve read about what clothes to pack, to bring ponchos for those rainy days and not to forget your sunscreen. Here are some things that you may have forgotten to add to your list.

Room and Organization Needs:

● Nightlight – With the curtains drawn and lights off, it is really dark in your resort room. This will help you make your way around the room if you need to get up in the night.

● Small fan – If you are like me and sleep with a fan at night, you won’t want to forget this!

● Power Strip – When traveling with a family with multiple devices needing to be charged, it is helpful to have more outlets available.

● Room spray or Febreze – This will help keep your resort room smelling fresh. Another option is to bring a room freshening plugin. Not only will it make your room smell wonderful, but when you use this scent at home, it will remind you of Disney!

● Handheld steamer – If you want a quicker solution than taking the time to iron, using a steamer is a great choice.

● Collapsible laundry hamper or mesh laundry bag – A good way to keep your dirty clothes separate from the clean.

● Collapsible hanging shelf organizer – Put one of these up on the closet hanging rail. Perfect for extra clothes storage, if you don’t want to live out of your suitcase.

● Over the door shoe hanger – This can be used to store your bathroom supplies and, of course, your shoes!

● Room window decorations – Did you know you can decorate your resort window? This is so fun! You can hang decorations from the window or set items on the window sill. If using tape, be sure to use tape that won’t be damaging.

Medical Needs:

● Dramamine – You never know when you might be surprised by motion sickness.

● Tums – In case you get an upset stomach. They come in cute little travel size containers, so you can easily throw it in your park bag.

● Allergy medicine – A change in climate can spark allergies.

● Oral pain relief – Especially helpful if you are traveling with an infant that may be cutting teeth.

● Anti-chafing stick – Use wherever skin may be sensitive to rubbing. Can help to prevent blisters too.

● Chapstick – Protect your lips from sunburn.

● Aloe – Typically you remember to bring sunblock, but just in case you forget to apply it, you should bring aloe or an after sun lotion.

● Small medical kit – Including things like bandages, antibiotic ointment, tweezers, thermometer and pain relievers. Make sure to remember to pack any prescription medications and EpiPens.


Park Needs:

● Extra pair of walking shoes – It can be a good thing to alter your shoes to keep your feet from getting uncomfortable wearing the same pair all week.

● Flip flops – Great for rainy days, so your walking shoes don’t get soaked and for pool days.

● Gloves & hat – Some days can get cold in the winter months. Best to be prepared for all scenarios, if you are vacationing November – February.

● Disney shirts and character ears – Don’t forget to pack your favorite Disney shirts and character ears that you bought ahead of time or have from previous trips.

● Anti-bacterial wipes – Use to wipe hands and mouths after meals or wiping down quick service tables.

● Shower curtain or plastic tablecloth with clothespins – Use to cover stroller during rain.

● Brightly colored ribbon and/or name tag for your stroller – Something that will stand out in the sea of strollers. Sometimes Cast Members move strollers, so this is a huge help in locating yours.

● Cooling towel – On hot days, this is a great way to cool off!

Miscellaneous Needs:

● Ziploc baggies – Bring a variety of sizes. These are perfect for keeping things dry when you go on water rides, storing wet items like ponchos after it rains, leftovers at restaurants or bringing snacks into the parks and packing your liquids like shampoo and conditioner in your suitcase.

● Batteries – If you have anything packed that requires them, pack extras.

● Small screwdriver set – You never know what may need a quick repair. If you wear eyeglasses, it is good to have a tiny screwdriver for repairs.

● Travel size sewing kit and safety pins – If you lose a button or a stitch comes loose, you’ll be prepared.

● Trash bags – If you decide to take a last minute dip in the pool on your departure day, throw your wet swimsuits in a trash bag for traveling home.

● Laundry detergent and Tide pen – Bring a travel size bottle with laundry detergent for doing a quick rinse of an item that was spilled on or if you need to do a load of laundry at one of the laundry facilities available at your resort. A Tide pen is perfect to have in your park bag for a little spill, to prevent the stain from setting in.

● Dish soap – A trick I heard about that I think is great…cut up sponges, squirt dish soap all over them and let dry. Put in a Ziploc baggie to use for cleaning out your resort refillable mugs.

● Permanent marker – If you have family members that want the same color resort refillable mug, bring a permanent marker to write names on them.

● Goggles – Your kids may want them for pool time.

● Extra suitcase – Pack a small suitcase, then place it inside a larger suitcase for traveling to Disney. Now you have an extra suitcase there to bring home your souvenirs.

● Disney luggage tag – Don’t forget to add your information to your adorable Disney luggage tag that you received for being a Disney Resort hotel guest.


Carry-On Needs:

● MagicBands – If each member of your family isn’t wearing their MagicBands on the plane, make sure to pack them in your carry-on bag. These will be used to check in with Disney’s Magical Express and to unlock the room at your Disney Resort hotel, so you won’t want to be without.

● Extra clothes – Pack an outfit, pajamas, and swimsuit. Especially, if you are having your luggage delivered to your room, you will have all the essentials in case you want to swim or if you have children needing to go to bed before it arrives.

● Backpack/Drawstring bag – My carry-on is usually a backpack or drawstring bag that I can later use as my park bag.

● Travel agent’s phone number – I’m on call for you during your vacation to answer all your questions and assist you, if needed. Don’t have a travel agent? I would love to help!


Be sure to add these items to your list of things to consider bringing for your next Walt Disney World vacation. I hope you have found these suggestions helpful and will allow me to help you plan your next vacation! Contact me today for your free, no obligation quote! Melanie@travelwiththemagic.com Find me on Facebook for more Disney tips.