When planning for a vacation to the Walt Disney World Resort, you are inundated with information. One of those things is whether or not you should add the Disney Dining Plan to your package. There are multiple variations of dining plans you can choose from, but today we are going to talk about the most popular – The Disney Dining Plan. This dining plan gives you 1 Table Service, 1 Quick Service and 1 Snack credit per person, per night of your stay. There is zero doubt that the Disney Dining Plan is a great addition to any trip, but it’s not always for everyone!


  1. Pre-paying for your meals. When you add the Disney Dining Plan to your Magic Your Way package, you are pre-paying for your meals – which is nice! It gives you an “all-inclusive” feel to your vacation, which takes a lot of stress out of the equation.
  2. Better options. Since you’ve pre-paid for your meals, you can order anything on the menu! This lets me order anything my heart (ahem, stomach) desires, without worrying about the price on the menu. Not to mention, a Table Service credit gives you an entrée, dessert and soft drink every time – that’s a lot of food!
  3. There’s no restrictions on HOW you can use your dining plan credits! You can use as many (or as few) credits as you’d like in one day, and even better – not everyone has to eat together to redeem the credits. So if your group splits up, they can be redeemed individually.
  4. Free Rapid Refill Mugs. This is probably my favorite part of the Dining Plan! With the Disney Dining Plan, you receive a complimentary Rapid Refill Mug which can be used for free drink refills at any Disney Resort. This is a $17 value and everyone (ages 3+) will receive one for free if you have the Dining Plan!



  1. No appetizers and alcoholic beverages. Unfortunately, there are very few restaurants that give you an appetizer as part of your dining plan credit, nor can you order an alcoholic beverage in place of a soft drink. So, if you plan on ordering an appetizer or adult beverage, it’s an out of pocket cost.
  2. Unused credits means lost money. This is a “if you don’t use them, you lose them” situation! On my honeymoon, we had no idea how to use the snack credit, so we came home with nearly 10 unredeemed snack credits between the two of us! Now I shudder to think about not using up all of my credits!
  3. Everyone on your reservation must have the same dining plan. Now, if you dine with another group that is not on your reservation, you don’t have to have the same dining plan, but if you want the dining plan and your travel buddy doesn’t, you’ll need to weigh all the pro’s and con’s a few times!


My name is Haley Tucker and I am a vacation planner specializing in Disney vacations! Disney dining is a passion of mine, and I’m on a mission to try every restaurant in the Disney parks! I would love to help you not only plan your Disney vacation, but plan for a wonderful dining experience as well! Contact me today for a free, no-obligation quote for your next vacation!