rainy mk (2)


Perhaps you have been in The Magic Kingdom on a very rainy day, or have been caught in the inevitable brief afternoon shower. In all my visits to The Magic Kingdom over 30+ years, I was fortunate enough to have never been caught in the rain for the 3:00 parade (How did that happen?!). That is, until this year. It was supposed to be my 3-year-old daughter’s first parade, because 3:00 in the afternoon is usually when we’re back at the hotel taking a nap. But, I rearranged our schedule this time so she could watch it for the first time, live.

It was sprinkling mid-morning while we were enjoying Fantasyland, then came a down pour that lasted what seemed like an hour. By 2:30, it was just sprinkles again, and we found our perfect parade viewing spot on Main Street USA. The street became packed with parade viewers and the cast members pointing guests where to sit and where to walk, there was no indication the parade would be anything but typical. Then at about 2:55, an announcement came on the speakers that the parade was cancelled due to the rain. I was feeling pretty bummed – sad for my daughter, frustrated that I had made all these plans around the parade schedule, and I could not believe they were cancelling the parade for a few sprinkles!

But, then came the Rainy Day Cavalcade! Four car-loads of Disney characters – of course, I knew the difference, but my daughter was just as thrilled because she didn’t.









We popped in to the Main Street Bakery for some Frozen Lollipops for some extra fun. They had a blast, and isn’t that what we do it for?


And, back to the hotel for a nap!


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– Leann Shields