A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, I fell in love with Star Wars. Yes, I’m a middle-aged woman admitting that I love a science fiction movie series. I love the story lines, the mystery, and the element of good versus evil. The first movie came out when I was in middle school. I can still remember the theater where I saw it (the theater isn’t even in business anymore) and the dreamy feeling I had when we walked out. I’ve seen Episode IV “A New Hope” many times since then with the most recent time being this week before the newest installment (now being distributed by Disney) premieres. And this time, I watched on my own television in my own living room with my fourteen-year-old son. But, it was just as wonderful!

That is why, on my most recent trip to Disneyland, I was thrilled to find out that a huge exhibit of all new Star Wars trivia, clips, and characters was opening that day in Tomorrowland! I thought that was a most appropriate venue. The Star Wars Experience at Disneyland is called Season of the Force. It turned out that many other people were aware of the opening of the Star Wars memorabilia and it was pretty busy! But, I enjoyed it and had fun listening to others and their thoughts on Star Wars, both in line and while enjoying the exhibits.


The Season of the Force is divided into 6 different areas:

  1. Hyperspace Mountain– If you are a Space Mountain purist, this may not sit well with you. Disneyland has turned Space Mountain into Hyperspace Mountain. On this familiar attraction, you can join an elite X-wing squadron as they battle Imperial TIE fighters.
  2. Star Tours– One of my family’s favorite attractions, scenes from the new movie Star Wars: The Force Awakens has been included for a brand new spin!
  3. Tomorrowland Theater– In this familiar venue (previously showing Captain EO and scenes from most of Disney’s newest movies), you can revisit your favorite scenes from the first six movies. It really puts you in the mood for the newest edition of the saga and even shows the trailer at the end.
  4. Special Character Experiences– You will have an opportunity to meet the likes of Darth Vader and Chewbacca! Since I was there on the opening day of this venue, the wait to meet these characters was over 2 hours and I opted not to wait. But, you can be sure that if I return while they’re still there, I’ll be waiting in line!
  5. Explore the Dark and Light Sides in Themed Galleries– I found this to be a fancy name for an exhibit of the many ships and costumes from the movies. I really enjoyed walking through the display and especially liked hearing the conversations going on. People who are drawn to the movie series all have stories of how it has had an impact on their lives. And who doesn’t love a good story? One of my favorite parts in the exhibit was a short documentary on the making of the new movie.
  6. Join the Battle in the Star Wars Game Center– I didn’t play, but your gamers might enjoy the Disney Infinity 3.0 with park-exclusive Toy Box levels.


You know we all love stories- especially the stories of the battle between good and evil. As much as I love Disneyland, I love it even more for bringing a little slice of the story of Star Wars into my life. I’d love to help you book a trip to Disneyland so that you can share this fun experience on your next trip.

Email me at , call me at 1-800-670-4312 x147, or find me on Facebook to get started with your next Disney trip! It’s all about making memories with your family! I’m Jeri May and May the Force Be With You!