Staying at Disney's All Star Movies Resort without kids!

As if choosing from Disney’s many amazing resorts wasn’t hard enough, add in the fact that I don’t have kids and it makes the decision even more difficult! You see, my husband and I don’t have any children (yet!), and while we enjoy staying at Disney’s deluxe resorts, sometimes we want the full Disney atmosphere no matter where we are, and where else can you find resorts that are totally decked out in Disney characters than the value-level resorts?!

These resorts are mostly known for widely appealing to families, and since we didn’t mind that fact, we took the chance and stayed at Disney’s All Star Movies Resort. We were surprised at how much we loved it, and I think you will love it too, with or without kids!

1. Value resorts are easy on the budget. Sometimes you have to travel on a tight budget and the value resorts are a great solution to that! Be careful though, some of the value resorts aren’t included in some of Disney’s seasonal promotions, so be sure to check with your travel agent before booking!

Toy Story Section Entrance

2. Preferred rooms are worth it! Value resorts are often the largest of the Disney properties in order to accommodate more guests. This is where upgrading to a preferred room comes into play! When you upgrade to a “preferred room” you are guaranteeing you will stay in a section of the resort that is close in proximity to the food courts, the lobby, pools and transportation! At the All Star Movies Resort, you can choose from three areas to stay in: 101 Dalmatians, Fantasia and Toy Story. We were placed in the Toy Story section and as HUGE fans of everyone’s favorite cowboy and astronaut, we were so excited! Each of the sections are wonderfully themed with oversized figures, sure to excite any little ones on your vacation!

All Star Movies Preferred Room

3. All Star Movies is the perfect resort when your vacation itinerary is jam-packed! My husband and I like to pack our days full of things to do – since we don’t have kids who need mid-day naps, we are taking advantage of having the entire day to do what we want! With that kind of planning, our resort easily becomes just a place to sleep and shower! The All Star Movies Resort proved to be the perfect place to do just that – it was quiet, the beds were comfortable and the room was the perfect size.

Toy Story Section

4. Last but not least, All Star Movies is a great resort when you want to be fully immersed in all things Disney. With the oversize characters (they are three stories tall!), perfectly themed pools and theming that carries over into your room, you are sure to find Disney-theming everywhere you look. Although we don’t have children, my husband and I are truly kids at heart and fell in love with the theme of this resort!

So, if you are looking for the perfect, all out Disney themed resort for a family with small children, or the kids-at-heart, this resort will be sure to fit your needs (and your budget)!